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map Indiana's Education

Educational Attainment - ACS 2022 Year EstimatesNumberPercent of Population 25+RankU.S. % of Population 25+
Total Population 25 and Older4,584,460100.0% 100.0%
     Less Than 9th Grade163,9633.6%204.7%
     9th to 12th, No Diploma285,4256.2%145.7%
     High School Graduate (incl. equiv.)1,472,89032.1%626.1%
     Some College, No Degree880,89819.2%3119.1%
     Associate Degree424,2729.3%218.8%
     Bachelor's Degree869,21719.0%4121.6%
     Graduate Degree or Higher487,79510.6%4314.0%
   Total Receiving a High School Diploma or More4,135,07290.2%3589.6%
   Total Completing a Bachelor's Degree or More1,357,01229.6%4235.7%
Scientists and Engineers
Total Science & Engineering Doctorates Awarded (2022)1,271
Total Employed Science, Engineering and Health Doctoral Holders (2021)13,100

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey One-Year Estimates, National Science Foundation