Specialized Tools

Get the data and tools built for disaster resilience,
opportunity zones, CEDS and more.

These tools are tailor-made for specific purposes, such as developing economic development strategies, disaster planning, verifying eligibility for certain federal grants and aggregating data for custom regions. The tools were built based on feedback from and in consultation with federal partners and the StatsAmerica user community.


Counties with FEMA declared disasters within a specified time range.

Big Radius Tool

Create a radius from 25-500 miles and view info on people, industries and workers.

CEDS Resource Library

Searchable access to comprehensive economic development strategies (CEDS) by economic development districts nationwide.

City-to-County Finder

Enter a city to find out the county where it is located.

Measuring Distress

Quickly calculate whether a county, region or neighborhood meets certain federal grant thresholds.

The Regionizer

Build customized regional data profiles based on the counties you choose.

USA Opportunity Zones

An array of data insights for opportunity zones including state, Economic Development District, EDA region, and Congressional district-level reports.