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Big RadiusBig Radius Tool

Create a radius from 25-500 miles and view info on people, industries and workers.

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See the latest most useful data available to understand the size, scale and scope of the COVID-19 pandemic.

opportunity zone logo

USA Opportunity Zones

This tool provides a variety of data and context for these zones; with reports on their State, Economic Development District, EDA Region and Congressional Districts. Now also including Revolving Loan Funds data.

the regionizer toolThe Regionizer

Build profiles based on the counties you choose.

anywhere profile toolGeographic Resources

Easy access to geographic codes, shapefiles, bridge files and more.

anywhere profile toolAnywhere USA Profile

View a detailed demographic profile for your local area, including state, county, city, town, township, school district and tribal areas.

CEDS Resource Library

CEDS Resource Library

Searchable access to Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies.

Innovation Index

Innovation 2.0

Gain insight into the innovation capacity and innovative output of a region.

Your one-stop destination for economic development data sites and tools.
States in Profile

USA States in Profile

Find information on the demographic and workforce data for any of the 50 states.

Towns in Profile

USA Towns in Profile

Individual profiles for all cities and towns nationwide.

Neighborhood Profile

Build a Neighborhood Profile

Create a profile based on census tracts.

Counties in Profile

USA Counties in Profile

Population, housing, income and labor force data for any U.S. county.

Measuring Distress

Measuring Distress

Quickly calculate whether a county, region or neighborhood meets certain federal grant thresholds.

Big RadiusCensus Business Builder: Regional Analyst Edition

Enter your state, county, city/town or zipcode to access summarized detailed demographic information for your region.

Industry clustersData Browser

This tool allows you to view and download individual data items for any state, metro, micro, district or county in the nation.

city county finderCity-to-County Finder

Enter a city to find out the county where it is located.

QWI ExplorerQWI Explorer

Explore the full depth and breadth of the Quarterly Workforce Indicators data set with charts and interactive tables.


Map and analyze labor market and commuting data for many geographies, including neighborhoods and custom regions.


Custom Region Builder

Create a region and view a variety of data sets.

Icon Innovation
Index 1

Compare regions and assess innovation capacity using the original index framework.

U.S. Cluster Mapping

Data and tools to understand clusters, improve institutions, and locate appropriate partners across the country.

city county finderPractitioner's Guide

This pdf explores a set of tools that can generate quick insights and assist in steering a course for long-term growth.