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States in Profile

Find information on the demographic and workforce data for any of the 50 states.

Towns in Profile

Individual profiles for all cities and towns nationwide.

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Counties in Profile

Population, housing, income and labor force data for any U.S. county.

Measuring Distress

Measuring Distress

Quickly calculate whether a county, region or neighborhood meets certain federal grant thresholds.

County/Metro Side-by-Side

Compare up to 16 areas across the nation (choose among the United States, states, metros, micros or metro divisions).

Innovation Index

Innovation Index

Compare regions and assess innovation capacity.

Industry clustersIndustry Clusters

Uncover regional strengths by exploring industry clusters.

city county finderCity-to-County Finder

Enter a city to find out the county where it is located.

Occupation ClustersOccupation Clusters

Explore knowledge-based and skill-based occupation clusters.

city county finderCounty Peer Finder

Find peers for any given county based on the criteria of your choice.

QWI ExplorerQWI Explorer

Explore the full depth and breadth of the Quarterly Workforce Indicators data set with charts and interactive tables.


Map and analyze labor market and commuting data for many geographies, including neighborhoods and custom regions.

RIANRegional Innovation Acceleration Network

RIAN helps create and improve venture development organizations.

U.S. Cluster Mapping

Data and tools to understand clusters, improve institutions, and locate appropriate partners across the country.

Triple Bottom Line

This tool helps optimize and communicate investment alignment with economic, environmental, and social performance.

city county finderPractitioner's Guide

This pdf explores a set of tools that can generate quick insights and assist in steering a course for long-term growth.