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We’ve created 7 key categories and have identified what we are calling “exemplars” of the CEDS within each EDA region. Click on the header to explore each of the categories and the CEDS exemplars within each.

How do the region's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats serve as guideposts for charting a path for the future?
EDD exemplars State Regional office
Three Rivers Regional Commission GA Atlanta
Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments NM Austin
Western Upper Peninsula Planning and Development Regional Commission MI Chicago
Southwest Iowa Planning Council IA Denver
SEDA-Council of Governments PA Philadelphia
Southeast Conference AK Seattle


How will you know if you are on-course or off-track?
EDD exemplars State Regional office
Southeastern Economic Development Commission NC Atlanta
Heart of Texas Council of Governments TX Austin
West Central Initiative MN Chicago
Siouxland Interstate Metropolitan Planning Council IA/NE Denver
Central Connecticut EDD CT Philadelphia
Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Council of Governments WA Seattle
What is the region's ability to avoid, withstand and recover from economic shocks?
EDD exemplars State Regional office
Northeast Florida Regional Council FL Atlanta
Heart of Texas Council of Governments TX Austin
Region 5 Development Commission MN Chicago
Northern Rocky Mountain Economic Development District MT Denver
New River Valley Planning District Commission VA Philadelphia
Yuba-Sutter Economic Development Corporation CA Seattle