USA Counties in Profile

2020 Unemployment Rate percent change from 2010 Unemployment Rate

 FIPS CodeDataRank
Williams County, ND38105357.1%1
McKenzie County, ND38053261.9%2
Stark County, ND38089163.0%3
Maui County, HI15009114.5%4
Burke County, ND3801396.3%5
Mountrail County, ND3806196.2%6
Kauai County, HI1500790.6%7
Renville County, ND3807581.5%8
Crane County, TX4810376.6%9
Ward County, ND3810176.5%10
Reagan County, TX4838373.2%11
Richland County, MT3008373.0%12
Honolulu County, HI1500372.9%13
Yoakum County, TX4850170.0%14
Divide County, ND3802360.0%15
Sheridan County, ND3808357.9%16
Mahnomen County, MN2708756.6%17
Orleans Parish, LA2207148.8%18
Dunn County, ND3802548.4%19
Slope County, ND3808747.6%20
Owyhee County, ID1607346.3%21
Lea County, NM3502544.7%22
Mingo County, WV5405944.4%23
Queens County, NY3608143.7%24
Skagway Borough, AK0223043.3%25
Atlantic County, NJ3400142.4%26
Haines Borough, AK0210041.8%27
Prairie County, MT3007938.8%28
Bottineau County, ND3800938.5%29
Summit County, CO0811738.0%30
Midland County, TX4832937.3%31
Dawson County, MT3002136.6%32
Beckham County, OK4000936.4%33
Bowman County, ND3801136.0%34
Adams County, ND3800135.7%35
Grand Forks County, ND3803535.3%36
Gilpin County, CO0804734.5%37
Fallon County, MT3002533.3%38
Sheridan County, MT3009133.3%38
Bronx County, NY3600533.3%38
Hettinger County, ND3804133.3%38
San Miguel County, CO0811332.9%42
Jefferson Parish, LA2205132.9%42
Andrews County, TX4800332.3%44
Lawrence County, SD4608131.9%45
Charles Mix County, SD4602331.3%46
Suffolk County, MA2502531.1%47
Ector County, TX4813531.0%48
Elk County, PA4204730.9%49
Sterling County, TX4843130.6%50
Carroll, NH3300330.5%51
St. Bernard Parish, LA2208729.1%52
Jim Wells County, TX4824928.7%53
Bath County, VA5101728.6%54
Benson County, ND3800528.3%55
Santa Fe County, NM3504927.7%56
Denali Borough, AK0206827.6%57
Jones County, SD4607527.6%57
Terrebonne Parish, LA2210926.2%59
Burleigh County, ND3801525.7%60
Cass County, ND3801725.7%60
Rolette County, ND3807925.2%62
Kings County, NY3604725.0%63
Beaver County, PA4200724.1%64
Lewis County, WV5404123.9%65
Pitkin County, CO0809723.5%66
Hall County, NE3107923.4%67
Allegheny County, PA4200323.3%68
Miller County, AR0509123.2%69
Golden Valley County, ND3803323.1%70
Plaquemines Parish, LA2207522.8%71
Monroe County, PA4208922.3%72
Lincoln County, NM3502722.2%73
Comanche County, OK4003121.8%74
Brewster County, TX4804321.8%74
Ramsey County, ND3807121.6%76
Wibaux County, MT3010921.4%77
Cuyahoga County, OH3903520.9%78
Scurry County, TX4841520.6%79
Philadelphia County, PA4210120.4%80
Lafayette Parish, LA2205520.3%81
Otero County, NM3503520.3%81
Kanawha County, WV5403920.3%81
Canadian County, OK4001720.0%84
Alexandria Independent City, VA5151020.0%84
Greene County, PA4205919.8%86
San Juan County, WA5305519.7%87
Logan County, WV5404519.6%88
Billings County, ND3800719.4%89
Boone County, WV5400519.3%90
Zapata County, TX4850519.2%91
Marion County, WV5404919.2%91
Washington County, PA4212519.0%93
Cheyenne County, NE3103318.9%94
Brule County, SD4601518.9%94
Hawaii County, HI1500118.8%96
Bergen County, NJ3400318.5%97
Lewis County, ID1606118.5%97
Calcasieu Parish, LA2201918.4%99
Delaware County, PA4204518.2%100
Lincoln County, TN4710317.8%101
McHenry County, ND3804917.0%102
Caddo Parish, LA2201716.9%103
Essex County, MA2500916.7%104
Cook County, MN2703116.7%104
Cavalier County, ND3801916.7%104
Wayne County, PA4212716.5%107
Grafton, NH3300916.0%108
Brown County, SD4601315.8%109
Washita County, OK4014915.5%110
Benton County, WA5300515.5%110
Norfolk County, MA2502115.3%112
St. Tammany Parish, LA2210315.3%112
Garza County, TX4816915.3%112
Nassau County, NY3605915.1%115
Calhoun County, WV5401315.0%116
Iberia Parish, LA2204514.6%117
Lawrence County, PA4207314.4%118
Sublette County, WY5603514.3%119
Westmoreland County, PA4212913.8%120
Mercer County, ND3805713.7%121
Garfield County, WA5302313.5%122
Gilmer County, WV5402113.5%122
Mono County, CA0605113.5%122
Montgomery County, PA4209113.4%125
Morton County, ND3805913.3%126
Irion County, TX4823513.2%127
Eddy County, NM3501513.1%128
Berks County, PA4201113.1%128
Dawson County, TX4811513.0%130
Wells County, ND3810312.8%131
Dauphin County, PA4204312.8%131
Hemphill County, TX4821112.8%131
Pike County, PA4210312.8%131
Rockingham, NH3301512.7%135
Taos County, NM3505512.6%136
Chaves County, NM3500512.5%137
Nelson County, ND3806312.5%137
Tioga County, PA4211712.5%137
Howard County, TX4822712.5%137
Franklin County, WA5302112.5%137
Monongalia County, WV5406112.5%137
Luzerne County, PA4207912.4%143
Bossier Parish, LA2201512.3%144
Roberts County, SD4610912.3%144
Douglas, WI5503112.2%146
Dona Ana County, NM3501312.2%146
Bucks County, PA4201712.2%146
Lafourche Parish, LA2205712.1%149
Tunica County, MS2814312.0%150
St. John the Baptist Parish, LA2209512.0%150
Westchester County, NY3611912.0%150
Harrison County, MS2804711.8%153
Erie County, NY3602911.8%153
Johnson County, IA1910311.6%155
Richmond County, NY3608511.6%155
Osceola County, FL1209711.6%155
Martin County, KY2115911.5%158
Blair County, PA4201311.5%158
Fairfax County, VA5105911.5%158
St. Charles Parish, LA2208911.4%161
Fayette County, PA4205111.4%161
Armstrong County, PA4200511.4%161
Butler County, PA4201911.3%164
Hockley County, TX4821911.3%164
Toole County, MT3010111.1%166
San Juan County, NM3504511.1%166
Steele County, ND3809111.1%166
Cabell County, WV5401111.1%166
Pecos County, TX4837111.0%170
Spink County, SD4611510.8%171
Ward County, TX4847510.6%172
Mercer County, WV5405510.6%172
New York County, NY3606110.5%174
Lackawanna County, PA4206910.3%175
Custer County, OK4003910.2%176
Cleveland County, OK400279.8%177
Nueces County, TX483559.8%177
Lebanon County, PA420759.7%179
Nantucket County, MA250199.6%180
Passaic County, NJ340319.6%180
Bernalillo County, NM350019.5%182
Hillsborough, NH330119.4%183
Cotton County, OK400339.4%183
Hudson County, NJ340179.3%185
Plymouth County, MA250239.2%186
Roger Mills County, OK401299.1%187
Sullivan County, PA421139.0%188
Middlesex County, MA250179.0%188
Erie County, PA420498.9%190
Bee County, TX480258.9%190
Anchorage Borough, AK020208.8%192
Montgomery County, MD240318.6%193
Venango County, PA421218.5%194
Raleigh County, WV540818.5%194
Oklahoma County, OK401098.5%194
McKinley County, NM350318.4%197
Crawford County, IA190478.3%198
East Baton Rouge Parish, LA220338.3%198
Indiana County, PA420638.3%198
Juneau Borough, AK021108.2%201
Cheboygan County, MI260318.1%202
Whatcom County, WA530738.1%202
Jackson, WI550538.1%202
Buffalo County, NE310198.1%202
Butte County, SD460198.0%206
St. Martin Parish, LA220998.0%206
Lehigh County, PA420777.9%208
Curry County, NM350097.8%209
Forest, WI550417.8%209
Victoria County, TX484697.8%209
Towner County, ND380957.7%212
Lorain County, OH390937.6%213
Suffolk County, NY361037.6%213
Acadia Parish, LA220017.4%215
Vermilion Parish, LA221137.2%216
Harris County, TX482017.2%216
Bradford County, PA420157.1%218
Clay County, SD460277.1%218
McCulloch County, TX483077.1%218
Arlington County, VA510137.1%218
Berkshire County, MA250037.1%218
Uintah County, UT490477.0%223
Griggs County, ND380396.9%224
Strafford, NH330176.8%225
Eagle County, CO080376.7%226
Chester County, PA420296.7%226
Custer County, MT300176.7%226
Rockland County, NY360876.6%229
Prince George's County, MD240336.5%230
Essex County, NJ340136.4%231
Ohio County, WV540696.3%232
Barnstable County, MA250016.3%232
Manassas Park Independent City, VA516856.2%234
Sandoval County, NM350436.2%234
James City County, VA510956.2%234
Campbell County, WY560056.2%234
Sitka Borough, AK022206.2%234
Niagara County, NY360636.1%239
Petersburg Borough, AK021956.1%239
Hampshire County, MA250155.9%241
Northampton County, PA420955.9%241
Los Alamos County, NM350285.7%243
Pulaski County, AR051195.7%243
Jefferson Davis Parish, LA220535.6%245
Ketchikan Gateway Borough, AK021305.5%246
Mercer County, PA420855.4%247
Stanley County, SD461175.4%247
Monroe County, FL120875.3%249
Custer County, SD460335.3%249
Douglas County, KS200455.2%251
Cheshire, NH330055.2%251
Clay County, GA130615.1%253
Murray County, OK400995.1%253
Lake County, OH390855.0%255
Tillman County, OK401415.0%255
Clark County, NV320035.0%255
Linn County, IA191134.9%258
Monroe County, NY360554.9%258
Prince William County, VA511534.8%260
Sargent County, ND380814.8%260
Pleasants County, WV540734.7%262
Sierra County, NM350514.5%263
Jefferson County, TX482454.4%264
Sweetwater County, WY560374.2%265
Massac County, IL171274.2%265
Putnam County, NY360794.1%267
McPherson County, SD460894.1%267
Jeff Davis County, TX482434.1%267
Goliad County, TX481754.1%267
Hampden County, MA250134.0%271
Morris County, NJ340274.0%271
Natrona County, WY560254.0%271
Harrison County, WV540333.9%274
Oneida County, NY360653.8%275
Schenectady County, NY360933.8%275
Sangamon County, IL171673.8%275
Garfield County, OK400473.8%275
Gregg County, TX481833.8%275
Orange County, NY360713.7%280
Chelan County, WA530073.7%280
McCone County, MT300553.6%282
Merrimack, NH330133.6%282
Union County, IA191753.5%284
Crockett County, TX481053.5%284
Duval County, TX481313.4%286
St. Mary Parish, LA221013.4%286
Roosevelt County, NM350413.3%288
Tangipahoa Parish, LA221053.3%288
Jackson County, MS280593.3%288
Cambria County, PA420213.3%288
Charlottesville Independent City, VA515403.2%292
Upshur County, WV540973.2%292
Iberville Parish, LA220473.2%292
Silver Bow County, MT300933.1%295
Dickey County, ND380213.1%295
Latimer County, OK400773.1%295
Belknap, NH330013.0%298
Foster County, ND380312.9%299
Carter County, OK400192.9%299
Pierce, WI550932.9%299
Harding County, SD460632.9%299
Lancaster County, PA420712.7%303
Bexar County, TX480292.7%303
Stephens County, OK401372.7%303
Richland County, ND380772.6%306
Coos, NH330072.6%306
Thurston County, WA530672.5%308
Onondaga County, NY360672.4%309
Atascosa County, TX480132.4%309
Cameron County, PA420232.4%309
Webb County, TX484792.4%309
Newport News Independent City, VA517002.4%309
Worcester County, MA250272.3%314
Chemung County, NY360152.3%314
Kittitas County, WA530372.3%314
Somerset County, PA421112.2%317
New London County, CT090112.1%318
Union County, NJ340392.1%318
Marshall County, WV540512.1%318
Riley County, KS201612.0%321
Clallam County, WA530092.0%321
Nicholas County, WV540672.0%321
Pennington County, SD461031.9%324
Loudoun County, VA511071.9%324
McClain County, OK400871.9%324
Converse County, WY560091.7%327
Martin County, TX483171.7%327
Los Angeles County, CA060371.6%329
Woodward County, OK401531.5%330
Cumberland County, PA420411.5%330
Scott County, IA191631.5%330
Zavala County, TX485071.4%333
Marshall County, IA191271.4%333
Albany County, NY360011.4%333
Live Oak County, TX482971.4%333
Norton Independent City, VA517201.4%333
Medina County, OH391031.3%338
Somerset County, NJ340351.3%338
Avoyelles Parish, LA220091.3%338
Ulster County, NY361111.3%338
Warren County, PA421231.3%338
Clear Creek County, CO080191.2%343
Brazoria County, TX480391.2%343
Lycoming County, PA420811.1%345
Jefferson County, WA530311.1%345
Pierce County, WA530531.1%345
Yakima County, WA530771.0%348
Glacier County, MT300351.0%348
McKean County, PA420831.0%348
Wyoming County, WV541091.0%348
Orange County, FL120951.0%348
Cook County, IL170310.9%353
Jefferson County, MS280630.5%354
Dubuque County, IA190610.0%355
Chase County, KS200170.0%355
Sedgwick County, KS201730.0%355
Franklin County, MA250110.0%355
Seward County, NE311590.0%355
Sullivan, NH330190.0%355
Cibola County, NM350060.0%355
Eddy County, ND380270.0%355
Traill County, ND380970.0%355
Greer County, OK400550.0%355
Centre County, PA420270.0%355
Huntingdon County, PA420610.0%355
Bon Homme County, SD460090.0%355
Hanson County, SD460610.0%355
Hughes County, SD460650.0%355
Sanborn County, SD461110.0%355
Fort Bend County, TX481570.0%355
Freestone County, TX481610.0%355
Hudspeth County, TX482290.0%355
Kleberg County, TX482730.0%355
Sutton County, TX484350.0%355
Winkler County, TX484950.0%355
Fairfax Independent City, VA516000.0%355
Fayette County, WV540190.0%355
Iron, WI550510.0%355
Wrangell Borough, AK022750.0%355
Starr County, TX48427-0.6%381
Wilkinson County, MS28157-0.7%382
Harlan County, KY21095-0.8%383
Bristol County, MA25005-1.0%384
Skagit County, WA53057-1.0%384
Coconino County, AZ04005-1.0%384
Allen Parish, LA22003-1.1%387
Chautauqua County, NY36013-1.1%387
Monmouth County, NJ34025-1.1%387
Wood County, WV54107-1.1%387
Wyoming County, PA42131-1.2%391
Wayne County, WV54099-1.2%391
Island County, WA53029-1.2%391
Garland County, AR05051-1.2%391
Lamoille County, VT50015-1.3%395
Kitsap County, WA53035-1.3%395
Des Moines County, IA19057-1.3%395
Maverick County, TX48323-1.3%395
Montgomery County, TX48339-1.3%395
Windham County, VT50025-1.6%400
Black Hawk County, IA19013-1.6%400
Tompkins County, NY36109-1.6%400
Mellette County, SD46095-1.6%400
Grady County, OK40051-1.6%400
Polk County, IA19153-1.6%400
Fall River County, SD46047-1.6%400
Wheeler County, TX48483-1.6%400
Hidalgo County, TX48215-1.7%408
Ochiltree County, TX48357-1.7%408
Adams County, MS28001-1.8%410
Lincoln County, OR41041-1.8%410
Peoria County, IL17143-1.9%412
Lake County, IN18089-1.9%412
Douglas County, NE31055-1.9%412
Kidder County, ND38043-1.9%412
Garfield County, UT49017-1.9%412
Jefferson County, IL17081-1.9%412
Shelby County, TN47157-2.0%418
Portsmouth Independent City, VA51740-2.0%418
Chambers County, TX48071-2.1%420
Rock Island County, IL17161-2.1%420
Sussex County, NJ34037-2.1%420
Major County, OK40093-2.1%420
Graham County, KS20065-2.1%420
Howard County, NE31093-2.2%425
Broome County, NY36007-2.2%425
Hancock County, MS28045-2.3%427
Lancaster County, NE31109-2.3%427
Buncombe County, NC37021-2.4%429
Seneca County, NY36099-2.4%429
York County, PA42133-2.4%429
Dutchess County, NY36027-2.5%432
Pittsburg County, OK40121-2.6%433
Hutchinson County, SD46067-2.6%433
Hamilton County, NE31081-2.6%433
Putnam County, WV54079-2.6%433
Buffalo, WI55011-2.6%433
Terry County, TX48445-2.7%438
West Baton Rouge Parish, LA22121-2.7%438
Cooke County, TX48097-2.7%438
Stone County, AR05137-2.7%438
Petersburg Independent City, VA51730-2.8%442
Cape May County, NJ34009-2.8%442
San Patricio County, TX48409-2.8%442
Geauga County, OH39055-2.9%445
Tulsa County, OK40143-2.9%445
Gunnison County, CO08051-2.9%445
Cattaraugus County, NY36009-3.1%448
Northumberland County, PA42097-3.1%448
Hinds County, MS28049-3.1%448
Ashley County, AR05003-3.1%448
Dukes County, MA25007-3.2%452
Grant County, NM35017-3.2%452
Crawford County, PA42039-3.3%454
Whitman County, WA53075-3.3%454
Sullivan County, NY36105-3.3%454
Spokane County, WA53063-3.3%454
Edmunds County, SD46045-3.3%454
Norfolk Independent City, VA51710-3.3%454
Fulton County, PA42057-3.4%460
Cameron Parish, LA22023-3.4%460
Douglas County, WA53017-3.4%460
McPherson County, NE31117-3.6%463
Davidson County, TN47037-3.6%463
Payne County, OK40119-3.6%463
Forest County, PA42053-3.6%463
Tioga County, NY36107-3.7%467
Taylor County, WV54091-3.9%468
Codington County, SD46029-3.9%468
Ontario County, NY36069-3.9%468
Hunterdon County, NJ34019-4.0%471
Dewey County, OK40043-4.0%471
Miner County, SD46097-4.0%471
Summit County, UT49043-4.0%471
Chittenden County, VT50007-4.0%471
Socorro County, NM35053-4.1%476
Walla Walla County, WA53071-4.2%477
Yankton County, SD46135-4.2%477
McLean County, IL17113-4.2%477
Ascension Parish, LA22005-4.3%480
Saratoga County, NY36091-4.3%480
Brookings County, SD46011-4.3%480
St. Landry Parish, LA22097-4.4%483
Middlesex County, NJ34023-4.4%483
Clinton County, PA42035-4.4%483
Tom Green County, TX48451-4.5%486
McDowell County, WV54047-4.5%486
Davison County, SD46035-4.5%486
Grant County, KS20067-4.7%489
Carbon County, MT30009-4.8%490
Mitchell County, TX48335-4.8%490
Blaine County, OK40011-4.8%490
Carbon County, PA42025-4.9%493
Pointe Coupee Parish, LA22077-4.9%493
Beadle County, SD46005-4.9%493
Evangeline Parish, LA22039-4.9%493
Clatsop County, OR41007-5.0%497
Cumberland County, NC37051-5.0%497
Knox County, TX48275-5.1%499
Ouachita Parish, LA22073-5.1%499
Gallatin County, IL17059-5.2%501
St. Croix, WI55109-5.3%502
Shackelford County, TX48417-5.4%503
Trempealeau, WI55121-5.4%503
Galveston County, TX48167-5.4%503
Logan County, OK40083-5.6%506
Charles County, MD24017-5.6%506
Mackinac County, MI26097-5.6%506
Hennepin County, MN27053-5.7%509
Meade County, SD46093-5.8%510
Saline County, IL17165-5.8%510
Winnebago County, IA19189-5.9%512
Aurora County, SD46003-5.9%512
Box Butte County, NE31013-5.9%512
Buchanan County, VA51027-5.9%512
Coahoma County, MS28027-6.0%516
Lake of the Woods County, MN27077-6.2%517
Montour County, PA42093-6.2%517
Snyder County, PA42109-6.2%517
Braxton County, WV54007-6.3%520
Cascade County, MT30013-6.3%520
Wheatland County, MT30107-6.4%522
Pembina County, ND38067-6.5%523
Otsego County, NY36077-6.5%523
Juniata County, PA42067-6.5%523
Kent County, DE10001-6.5%523
Taney County, MO29213-6.5%523
Gaines County, TX48165-6.7%528
Edwards County, IL17047-6.8%529
Herkimer County, NY36043-6.8%529
Refugio County, TX48391-6.8%529
Chickasaw County, MS28017-6.8%529
Yellowstone County, MT30111-6.9%533
Gray County, TX48179-6.9%533
Hoonah-Angoon Borough, AK02105-6.9%533
Clinton County, IA19045-6.9%533
Jefferson County, OK40067-6.9%533
Nacogdoches County, TX48347-7.0%538
Erie County, OH39043-7.1%539
Oliver County, ND38065-7.1%539
Pulaski County, IL17153-7.1%539
Madison County, NY36053-7.1%539
Bedford County, PA42009-7.1%539
Grays Harbor County, WA53027-7.1%539
Okanogan County, WA53047-7.2%545
Jackson County, IL17077-7.2%545
Marshall County, OK40095-7.2%545
Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK02090-7.2%545
St. Helena Parish, LA22091-7.3%549
Hyde County, NC37095-7.3%549
Perkins County, SD46105-7.3%549
Travis County, TX48453-7.4%552
Lewis and Clark County, MT30049-7.4%552
Jefferson County, NY36045-7.4%552
Virginia Beach Independent City, VA51810-7.5%555
Schuyler County, NY36097-7.5%555
Rusk County, TX48401-7.6%557
Aransas County, TX48007-7.6%557
Hampton Independent City, VA51650-7.6%557
Kusilvak, AK02158-7.6%557
Panola County, TX48365-7.7%561
Lincoln County, SD46083-7.7%561
Walker County, TX48471-7.7%561
Jim Hogg County, TX48247-7.8%564
Jo Daviess County, IL17085-7.8%564
Wayne County, IL17191-7.8%564
Washington County, OK40147-7.8%564
Webster County, WV54101-7.8%564
Neshoba County, MS28099-7.9%569
Potter County, PA42105-7.9%569
Sumner County, KS20191-8.0%571
Rio Arriba County, NM35039-8.0%571
Greenbrier County, WV54025-8.0%571
Wayne County, MI26163-8.0%571
Ramsey County, MN27123-8.0%571
Adams County, PA42001-8.0%571
San Juan County, UT49037-8.1%577
Hale County, TX48189-8.1%577
Minnehaha County, SD46099-8.2%579
Assumption Parish, LA22007-8.2%579
Madison County, MS28089-8.3%581
Bennington County, VT50003-8.3%581
Polk County, AR05113-8.3%581
Franklin County, PA42055-8.4%584
Cleburne County, AR05023-8.4%584
Denton County, TX48121-8.5%586
Lee County, AR05077-8.5%586
Logan County, ND38047-8.6%588
Ocean County, NJ34029-8.7%589
Warren County, NY36113-8.7%589
Grand County, CO08049-8.7%589
Matagorda County, TX48321-8.7%589
Norman County, MN27107-8.7%589
Roane County, WV54087-8.8%594
Sarpy County, NE31153-8.9%595
Ransom County, ND38073-8.9%595
Clearfield County, PA42033-8.9%595
Cameron County, TX48061-8.9%595
Pottawatomie County, OK40125-9.0%599
Walworth County, SD46129-9.0%599
Camden County, NJ34007-9.0%599
Carroll County, IA19027-9.1%602
Cayuga County, NY36011-9.2%603
Mason County, WA53045-9.3%604
Richmond Independent City, VA51760-9.3%604
Chouteau County, MT30015-9.3%604
Madison County, NE31119-9.3%604
Hopewell Independent City, VA51670-9.3%604
Union County, PA42119-9.3%604
Lincoln County, WA53043-9.3%604
La Plata County, CO08067-9.3%604
Liberty County, TX48291-9.4%612
New Castle County, DE10003-9.4%612
Marshall County, SD46091-9.4%612
Sevier County, TN47155-9.4%612
Lubbock County, TX48303-9.5%616
Sauk, WI55111-9.6%617
Tyler County, WV54095-9.6%617
Jasper County, TX48241-9.7%619
Upton County, TX48461-9.7%619
Culberson County, TX48109-9.7%619
Manassas Independent City, VA51683-9.7%619
Genesee County, NY36037-9.8%623
San Miguel County, NM35047-9.8%623
El Paso County, TX48141-9.8%623
Saline County, KS20169-9.8%623
Coke County, TX48081-9.8%623
Livingston Parish, LA22063-9.9%628
Washington Parish, LA22117-9.9%628
Granite County, MT30039-9.9%628
Burlington County, NJ34005-9.9%628
Franklin County, NY36033-9.9%628
Olmsted County, MN27109-10.0%633
Calhoun County, MS28013-10.0%633
McLean County, ND38055-10.0%633
Walsh County, ND38099-10.0%633
Hardin County, TX48199-10.0%633
Limestone County, TX48293-10.1%638
Franklin County, VT50011-10.2%639
Broward County, FL12011-10.2%639
Seward County, KS20175-10.2%639
Jefferson County, PA42065-10.2%639
Fairfield County, CT09001-10.2%639
Ellis County, KS20051-10.3%644
Faulk County, SD46049-10.3%644
Bell County, TX48027-10.3%644
Orange County, TX48361-10.3%644
Musselshell County, MT30065-10.3%644
Guadalupe County, TX48187-10.3%644
Valdez-Cordova Borough, AK02261-10.3%644
Howard County, MD24027-10.3%644
Lucas County, OH39095-10.3%644
Waller County, TX48473-10.3%644
Northampton County, VA51131-10.3%644
Schleicher County, TX48413-10.4%655
Rutland County, VT50021-10.4%655
Knox County, IL17095-10.4%655
Valley County, MT30105-10.4%655
Macomb County, MI26099-10.4%655
Dallas County, TX48113-10.5%660
Orange County, IN18117-10.5%660
Stillwater County, MT30095-10.5%660
Union County, SD46127-10.5%660
Gloucester County, NJ34015-10.6%664
Wise County, VA51195-10.6%664
Belmont County, OH39013-10.6%664
Beauregard Parish, LA22011-10.7%667
Schuylkill County, PA42107-10.7%667
King County, WA53033-10.7%667
Hot Springs County, WY56017-10.7%667
Greene County, NY36039-10.8%671
Wagoner County, OK40145-10.8%671
Phillips County, AR05107-10.8%671
Pierce County, NE31139-10.8%671
Red Willow County, NE31145-10.8%671
Brooks County, TX48047-10.8%671
Valencia County, NM35061-10.9%677
Roseau County, MN27135-10.9%677
Lyman County, SD46085-10.9%677
Tarrant County, TX48439-11.0%680
Switzerland County, IN18155-11.0%680
Columbia County, PA42037-11.0%680
Menominee, WI55078-11.0%680
St. Louis County, MN27137-11.1%684
Kearney County, NE31099-11.1%684
Lincoln County, OK40081-11.1%684
Grimes County, TX48185-11.1%684
Mason County, TX48319-11.1%684
York County, VA51199-11.1%684
Covington Independent City, VA51580-11.1%684
Grant County, WA53025-11.1%684
Grand County, UT49019-11.2%692
Williamson County, IL17199-11.2%692
Polk County, TX48373-11.2%692
Cherokee County, TX48073-11.2%692
Colfax County, NM35007-11.3%696
Monroe County, WV54063-11.3%696
Hays County, TX48209-11.3%696
Letcher County, KY21133-11.3%696
Barnes County, ND38003-11.4%700
Howard County, IN18067-11.4%700
Rensselaer County, NY36083-11.4%700
Jack County, TX48237-11.4%700
Dakota County, MN27037-11.4%700
Jackson County, KS20085-11.5%705
Albemarle County, VA51003-11.5%705
Isabella County, MI26073-11.6%707
Macon County, IL17115-11.6%707
White County, IL17193-11.6%707
Gregory County, SD46053-11.6%707
Angelina County, TX48005-11.6%707
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK02122-11.7%712
Claiborne County, MS28021-11.7%712
Roosevelt County, MT30085-11.8%714
Ellis County, OK40045-11.8%714
Pottawattamie County, IA19155-11.9%716
Pontotoc County, OK40123-11.9%716
Caddo County, OK40015-11.9%716
Kerr County, TX48265-11.9%716
Jefferson County, WV54037-11.9%716
Porter County, IN18127-12.0%721
Clay County, WV54015-12.0%721
Coryell County, TX48099-12.0%721
Orange County, CA06059-12.0%721
De Soto Parish, LA22031-12.0%721
Lake County, MN27075-12.0%721
Gove County, KS20063-12.1%727
Harlan County, NE31083-12.1%727
Rogers County, OK40131-12.1%727
Onslow County, NC37133-12.2%730
DuPage County, IL17043-12.2%730
Arapahoe County, CO08005-12.2%730
Kingfisher County, OK40073-12.2%730
Multnomah County, OR41051-12.2%730
Armstrong County, TX48011-12.2%730
Hill County, MT30041-12.3%736
Jones County, IA19105-12.3%736
Madison County, IA19121-12.3%736
Erath County, TX48143-12.3%736
Vernon Parish, LA22115-12.3%736
Leon County, TX48289-12.4%741
Randolph County, WV54083-12.4%741
Winneshiek County, IA19191-12.5%743
Humphreys County, MS28053-12.5%743
Missoula County, MT30063-12.5%743
Upshur County, TX48459-12.5%743
Doddridge County, WV54017-12.5%743
Emporia Independent City, VA51595-12.6%748
St. James Parish, LA22093-12.6%748
Montgomery County, TN47125-12.6%748
Wayne County, UT49055-12.6%748
Comal County, TX48091-12.7%752
Reno County, KS20155-12.7%752
Potter County, TX48375-12.7%752
Gillespie County, TX48171-12.7%752
Ness County, KS20135-12.8%756
Mahoning County, OH39099-12.8%756
Perry County, PA42099-12.8%756
Allegany County, NY36003-12.9%759
Essex County, NY36031-12.9%759
Mercer County, NJ34021-12.9%759
Bowie County, TX48037-12.9%759
Hoke County, NC37093-13.0%763
Merrick County, NE31121-13.0%763
Grant County, SD46051-13.0%763
Preston County, WV54077-13.1%766
Pine County, MN27115-13.1%766
Cortland County, NY36023-13.2%768
Rush County, KS20165-13.2%768
Cass County, MN27021-13.2%768
Carlton County, MN27017-13.3%771
Yates County, NY36123-13.3%771
Turner County, SD46125-13.3%771
Henrico County, VA51087-13.3%771
Ritchie County, WV54085-13.4%775
Izard County, AR05065-13.4%775
Livingston County, NY36051-13.4%775
Cochran County, TX48079-13.4%775
Sevier County, AR05133-13.4%775
Chicot County, AR05017-13.4%775
St. Clair County, IL17163-13.5%781
Randall County, TX48381-13.5%781
Aleutians West Borough, AK02016-13.5%781
Roanoke Independent City, VA51770-13.5%781
Osage County, OK40113-13.5%781
Marquette County, MI26103-13.5%781
Bryan County, OK40013-13.6%787
Choctaw County, OK40023-13.6%787
Day County, SD46037-13.6%787
Northwest Arctic Borough, AK02188-13.7%790
Denver County, CO08031-13.7%790
Broadwater County, MT30007-13.7%790
Collin County, TX48085-13.7%790
Kiowa County, OK40075-13.8%794
Stonewall County, TX48433-13.8%794
Monroe County, OH39111-13.8%794
Concordia Parish, LA22029-13.8%794
Rapides Parish, LA22079-13.9%798
Garvin County, OK40049-13.9%798
Tripp County, SD46123-13.9%798
Platte County, NE31141-14.0%801
Campbell County, SD46021-14.0%801
DeBaca County, NM35011-14.0%801
Newton County, TX48351-14.1%804
Wichita County, TX48485-14.1%804
Susquehanna County, PA42115-14.1%804
Columbia County, WA53013-14.1%804
Orleans County, VT50019-14.1%804
Snohomish County, WA53061-14.1%804
West Feliciana Parish, LA22125-14.3%810
Lamar County, MS28073-14.3%810
Morrill County, NE31123-14.3%810
Orleans County, NY36073-14.3%810
Washington County, NY36115-14.3%810
Madison County, TX48313-14.3%810
San Francisco County, CA06075-14.3%810
Wirt County, WV54105-14.4%817
Torrance County, NM35057-14.4%817
Bristol Independent City, VA51520-14.4%817
Shawnee County, KS20177-14.5%820
Scott County, MN27139-14.5%820
Alpine County, CA06003-14.5%820
Montgomery County, NY36057-14.6%823
Stutsman County, ND38093-14.6%823
Little River County, AR05081-14.7%825
Bayfield, WI55007-14.7%825
Warren County, MS28149-14.7%825
Sussex County, DE10005-14.8%828
Roberts County, TX48393-14.8%828
Calhoun County, MI26025-14.9%830
Stafford County, VA51179-14.9%830
Koochiching County, MN27071-14.9%830
Park County, MT30067-14.9%830
Manistee County, MI26101-15.0%834
Johnson County, KS20091-15.0%834
Deer Lodge County, MT30023-15.0%834
Butler County, NE31023-15.0%834
Warren County, NJ34041-15.0%834
Union County, NM35059-15.0%834
Kimble County, TX48267-15.0%834
Smith County, TX48423-15.0%834
Val Verde County, TX48465-15.1%842
Mifflin County, PA42087-15.2%843
Will County, IL17197-15.2%843
Holmes County, MS28051-15.2%843
East Feliciana Parish, LA22037-15.2%843
Henry County, IL17073-15.2%843
Lincoln County, NE31111-15.2%843
Lincoln County, WV54043-15.3%849
Hutchinson County, TX48233-15.3%849
Wabash County, IL17185-15.3%849
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK02170-15.3%849
Franklin County, IL17055-15.3%849
Lonoke County, AR05085-15.4%854
Broomfield County, CO08014-15.4%854
Marion County, IL17121-15.5%856
Pondera County, MT30073-15.5%856
Tazewell County, VA51185-15.6%858
Butler County, KS20015-15.6%858
Cowley County, KS20035-15.6%858
Hardin County, IL17069-15.6%858
Prince of Wales-Hyder Borough, AK02198-15.6%858
Blue Earth County, MN27013-15.6%858
Craig County, OK40035-15.6%858
Hand County, SD46059-15.6%858
Trinity County, TX48455-15.6%858
Goodhue County, MN27049-15.7%867
Pacific County, WA53049-15.7%867
Forrest County, MS28035-15.8%869
Todd County, SD46121-15.8%869
Brazos County, TX48041-15.9%871
Windsor County, VT50027-15.9%871
Leake County, MS28079-16.0%873
Harrison County, TX48203-16.0%873
Russell County, KS20167-16.0%873
Perry County, IL17145-16.1%876
Tyler County, TX48457-16.1%876
San Saba County, TX48411-16.1%876
Powder River County, MT30075-16.2%879
McLennan County, TX48309-16.2%879
Boulder County, CO08013-16.2%879
Story County, IA19169-16.3%882
Steuben County, NY36101-16.3%882
Milwaukee, WI55079-16.3%882
San Diego County, CA06073-16.4%885
Greene County, MS28041-16.4%885
Providence County, RI44007-16.4%885
Polk County, MN27119-16.4%885
Washington County, MN27163-16.4%885
Effingham County, IL17049-16.5%890
Hamilton County, TN47065-16.5%890
Colonial Heights Independent City, VA51570-16.5%890
Burnett, WI55013-16.5%890
DeSoto County, MS28033-16.7%894
Adams County, NE31001-16.7%894
Garden County, NE31069-16.7%894
Phelps County, NE31137-16.7%894
Thomas County, NE31171-16.7%894
Addison County, VT50001-16.7%894
Spotsylvania County, VA51177-16.7%894
Suffolk Independent City, VA51800-16.7%894
Albany County, WY56001-16.7%894
Platte County, WY56031-16.7%894
Saginaw County, MI26145-16.8%904
Franklin County, OH39049-16.9%905
Menard County, IL17129-16.9%905
Frederick County, MD24021-16.9%905
Leslie County, KY21131-16.9%905
Orange County, NC37135-16.9%905
La Crosse, WI55063-16.9%905
Monterey County, CA06053-16.9%905
Poweshiek County, IA19157-16.9%905
Wetzel County, WV54103-16.9%905
Blaine County, ID16013-17.0%914
Johnson County, NE31097-17.0%914
Haskell County, OK40061-17.0%914
Oldham County, TX48359-17.0%914
Ford County, KS20057-17.1%918
Woods County, OK40151-17.1%918
Medina County, TX48325-17.1%918
Uinta County, WY56041-17.1%918
Caledonia County, VT50005-17.1%918
Salem Independent City, VA51775-17.1%918
Washakie County, WY56043-17.2%924
Lewis County, NY36049-17.2%924
Pima County, AZ04019-17.2%924
Vanderburgh County, IN18163-17.2%924
Ziebach County, SD46137-17.2%924
Willacy County, TX48489-17.2%924
Lynchburg Independent City, VA51680-17.2%924
Dane, WI55025-17.2%924
Marin County, CA06041-17.3%932
Pottawatomie County, KS20149-17.3%932
Pierce County, ND38069-17.3%932
Waseca County, MN27161-17.3%932
Columbia County, NY36021-17.3%932
Fremont County, WY56013-17.3%932
Cherokee County, IA19035-17.4%938
Pawnee County, KS20145-17.4%938
Rosebud County, MT30087-17.4%938
Morris County, TX48343-17.4%938
Wilson County, TX48493-17.4%938
McDonough County, IL17109-17.4%938
Lawrence County, OH39087-17.5%944
Clay County, IL17025-17.5%944
Jackson County, IA19097-17.6%946
Chesapeake Independent City, VA51550-17.6%946
Luna County, NM35029-17.6%946
Alexander County, IL17003-17.6%946
Kendall County, IL17093-17.6%946
Itasca County, MN27061-17.6%946
Furnas County, NE31065-17.6%946
Pope County, IL17151-17.7%953
Jefferson County, MT30043-17.7%953
Mineral County, MT30061-17.7%953
Quay County, NM35037-17.8%956
Wayne County, NY36117-17.8%956
Barbour County, WV54001-17.8%956
Crittenden County, AR05035-17.8%956
Bay County, MI26017-17.9%960
Allegany County, MD24001-17.9%960
Summers County, WV54089-17.9%960
Napa County, CA06055-17.9%960
Clarion County, PA42031-18.0%964
Mower County, MN27099-18.0%964
Hancock County, WV54029-18.0%964
Mariposa County, CA06043-18.0%964
Grand Isle County, VT50013-18.1%968
Eaton County, MI26045-18.1%968
Clay County, KS20027-18.2%970
Cumberland County, NJ34011-18.2%970
Deuel County, SD46039-18.2%970
Lynn County, TX48305-18.2%970
Park County, WY56029-18.2%970
Hartford County, CT09003-18.2%970
Worcester County, MD24047-18.2%970
Genesee County, MI26049-18.2%970
Anne Arundel County, MD24003-18.3%978
Jackson County, TX48239-18.3%978
Dare County, NC37055-18.3%978
Throckmorton County, TX48447-18.3%978
Oswego County, NY36075-18.3%978
Oakland County, MI26125-18.4%983
Hyde County, SD46069-18.4%983
Kodiak Island Borough, AK02150-18.4%983
Fluvanna County, VA51065-18.5%986
Yazoo County, MS28163-18.5%986
Clinton County, MI26037-18.5%986
Livingston County, MI26093-18.5%986
Austin County, TX48015-18.5%986
Montague County, TX48337-18.5%986
Routt County, CO08107-18.6%992
Crawford County, IL17033-18.6%992
Jackson County, MN27063-18.6%992
Stephens County, TX48429-18.7%995
Coleman County, TX48083-18.7%995
Kane County, IL17089-18.8%997
Ringgold County, IA19159-18.8%997
Grant Parish, LA22043-18.8%997
George County, MS28039-18.8%997
Kent County, TX48263-18.8%997
Somervell County, TX48425-18.8%997
LaPorte County, IN18091-18.8%997
Morgan County, IL17137-18.8%997
Goshen County, WY56015-18.9%1005
Floyd County, IA19067-18.9%1005
Rockwall County, TX48397-18.9%1005
Bienville Parish, LA22013-18.9%1005
Washtenaw County, MI26161-19.0%1009
Lake County, IL17097-19.0%1009
Tazewell County, IL17179-19.0%1009
San Jacinto County, TX48407-19.0%1009
Baltimore County, MD24005-19.0%1009
Stanton County, NE31167-19.0%1009
Montgomery County, AR05097-19.0%1009
Delaware County, NY36025-19.1%1016
Redwood County, MN27127-19.1%1016
Taylor County, TX48441-19.1%1016
Eau Claire, WI55035-19.1%1016
Pocahontas County, WV54075-19.1%1016
Winnebago County, IL17201-19.1%1016
Muskegon County, MI26121-19.1%1016
Mineral County, WV54057-19.1%1016
Lafayette County, AR05073-19.1%1016
Williamson County, TX48491-19.2%1025
Pepin, WI55091-19.2%1025
Santa Barbara County, CA06083-19.2%1025
Adams County, IL17001-19.2%1025
Nome Borough, AK02180-19.2%1025
Warren County, IA19181-19.3%1030
Winn Parish, LA22127-19.3%1030
Jefferson County, CO08059-19.3%1030
Kendall County, TX48259-19.4%1033
Webster Parish, LA22119-19.4%1033
Newton County, MS28101-19.4%1033
Boyd County, KY21019-19.4%1033
Boone County, IL17007-19.4%1033
Mineral County, CO08079-19.4%1033
Lawrence County, IL17101-19.4%1033
Salem County, NJ34033-19.5%1040
Logan County, AR05083-19.5%1040
Palo Pinto County, TX48363-19.5%1040
Jersey County, IL17083-19.6%1043
Seminole County, OK40133-19.6%1043
Camp County, TX48063-19.6%1043
Lyon County, MN27083-19.6%1043
Carroll County, AR05015-19.7%1047
Accomack County, VA51001-19.8%1048
San Mateo County, CA06081-19.8%1048
Duchesne County, UT49013-19.8%1048
Lee County, MS28081-19.8%1048
Warren County, TN47177-19.8%1048
District of Columbia, DC11001-20.0%1053
Mercer County, IL17131-20.0%1053
Cedar County, IA19031-20.0%1053
Natchitoches Parish, LA22069-20.0%1053
Leelanau County, MI26089-20.0%1053
Lincoln County, MN27081-20.0%1053
Daniels County, MT30019-20.0%1053
Cherry County, NE31031-20.0%1053
Nance County, NE31125-20.0%1053
Clinton County, NY36019-20.0%1053
McIntosh County, OK40091-20.0%1053
Shelby County, TX48419-20.0%1053
Randolph County, IL17157-20.2%1065
Jones County, MS28067-20.2%1065
Reeves County, TX48389-20.2%1065
Cass County, IL17017-20.2%1065
Burleson County, TX48051-20.3%1069
Johnson County, AR05071-20.3%1069
Sabine Parish, LA22085-20.3%1069
Saline County, AR05125-20.3%1069
Fulton County, NY36035-20.4%1073
Comanche County, KS20033-20.5%1074
Hansford County, TX48195-20.5%1074
Jones County, TX48253-20.5%1074
Claiborne Parish, LA22027-20.5%1074
Warren County, IL17187-20.5%1074
Gibson County, IN18051-20.5%1074
Watauga County, NC37189-20.5%1074
Cowlitz County, WA53015-20.5%1074
Contra Costa County, CA06013-20.5%1074
Presidio County, TX48377-20.5%1074
Clinton County, IL17027-20.5%1074
Douglas County, CO08035-20.5%1074
Allen County, OH39003-20.6%1086
Christian County, IL17021-20.6%1086
Gonzales County, TX48177-20.6%1086
Kenedy County, TX48261-20.6%1086
Benton County, IA19011-20.6%1086
Pearl River County, MS28109-20.7%1091
Skamania County, WA53059-20.7%1091
Cass County, MI26027-20.7%1091
Durham County, NC37063-20.7%1091
Creek County, OK40037-20.7%1091
Prince George County, VA51149-20.7%1091
Humboldt County, IA19091-20.8%1097
Pike County, KY21195-20.8%1097
Woodford County, IL17203-20.8%1097
Jefferson County, AR05069-20.8%1097
Jefferson County, IA19101-20.8%1097
Stearns County, MN27145-20.8%1097
Perry County, MO29157-20.8%1097
Lapeer County, MI26087-20.9%1104
Woodbury County, IA19193-20.9%1104
Rankin County, MS28121-20.9%1104
Archer County, TX48009-20.9%1104
Lee County, VA51105-21.0%1108
Lewis County, WA53041-21.0%1108
Stevens County, WA53065-21.0%1108
Midland County, MI26111-21.1%1111
Oglala Lakota, SD46102-21.1%1111
Washington County, IA19183-21.2%1113
Newport County, RI44005-21.2%1113
Williamsburg Independent City, VA51830-21.2%1113
Wyandotte County, KS20209-21.2%1113
Pontotoc County, MS28115-21.2%1113
Hamilton County, OH39061-21.2%1113
Swisher County, TX48437-21.2%1113
Montgomery County, AL01101-21.2%1113
Pike County, MS28113-21.2%1113
Anoka County, MN27003-21.3%1122
Staunton Independent City, VA51790-21.3%1122
Washington County, NE31177-21.3%1122
Nicollet County, MN27103-21.3%1122
Briscoe County, TX48045-21.3%1122
Orange County, VT50017-21.3%1122
Washington County, VT50023-21.3%1122
Chesterfield County, VA51041-21.3%1122
Pope County, AR05115-21.3%1122
Iowa County, IA19095-21.4%1131
Alameda County, CA06001-21.4%1131
Apache County, AZ04001-21.5%1133
Becker County, MN27005-21.5%1133
White County, AR05145-21.5%1133
Tama County, IA19171-21.5%1133
Roanoke County, VA51161-21.5%1133
Florence, WI55037-21.6%1138
Rhea County, TN47143-21.6%1138
Muhlenberg County, KY21177-21.6%1138
Bolivar County, MS28011-21.6%1138
Carter County, MT30011-21.6%1138
Greeley County, NE31077-21.6%1138
Brown County, TX48049-21.7%1144
Middlesex County, CT09007-21.7%1144
Dallas County, IA19049-21.7%1144
Plymouth County, IA19149-21.7%1144
Shelby County, IA19165-21.7%1144
McCracken County, KY21145-21.7%1144
Dodge County, MN27039-21.7%1144
Sullivan County, TN47163-21.7%1144
Fredericksburg Independent City, VA51630-21.7%1144
Brooke County, WV54009-21.7%1144
Faulkner County, AR05045-21.7%1144
Hamilton County, NY36041-21.8%1155
Trumbull County, OH39155-21.8%1155
Guilford County, NC37081-21.8%1155
Haskell County, TX48207-21.8%1155
Wharton County, TX48481-21.8%1155
Magoffin County, KY21153-21.8%1155
Wyoming County, NY36121-21.9%1161
Kern County, CA06029-21.9%1161
Alger County, MI26003-21.9%1161
St. Lawrence County, NY36089-21.9%1161
Dillingham Borough, AK02070-21.9%1161
Clayton County, IA19043-21.9%1161
Frio County, TX48163-21.9%1161
Lake County, FL12069-21.9%1161
Monroe County, MI26115-21.9%1161
Champaign County, IL17019-22.0%1170
Sherman County, NE31163-22.0%1170
Wake County, NC37183-22.0%1170
Schoharie County, NY36095-22.0%1170
Bremer County, IA19017-22.0%1170
Sioux County, ND38085-22.0%1170
Inyo County, CA06027-22.0%1170
Ashland, WI55003-22.0%1170
Barton County, KS20009-22.0%1170
Cumberland County, ME23005-22.1%1179
Brown, WI55009-22.1%1179
Sebastian County, AR05131-22.1%1179
Titus County, TX48449-22.1%1179
Maricopa County, AZ04013-22.1%1179
Aitkin County, MN27001-22.1%1179
Ouray County, CO08091-22.1%1179
Lake County, TN47095-22.1%1179
Adams, WI55001-22.1%1179
Madison County, IL17119-22.2%1188
Finney County, KS20055-22.2%1188
Rice County, KS20159-22.2%1188
Judith Basin County, MT30045-22.2%1188
Franklin County, NE31061-22.2%1188
Grant County, ND38037-22.2%1188
Le Flore County, OK40079-22.2%1188
Benton County, OR41003-22.2%1188
Sully County, SD46119-22.2%1188
Washington County, TX48477-22.2%1188
Waukesha, WI55133-22.2%1188
Humboldt County, CA06023-22.2%1188
Chaffee County, CO08015-22.2%1188
Larimer County, CO08069-22.2%1188
La Salle County, IL17099-22.3%1202
Knox County, TN47093-22.4%1203
Parker County, TX48367-22.4%1203
Carver County, MN27019-22.4%1203
Concho County, TX48095-22.4%1203
McHenry County, IL17111-22.4%1203
Adams County, IA19003-22.4%1203
Webster County, NE31181-22.4%1203
Niobrara County, WY56027-22.4%1203
Mohave County, AZ04015-22.5%1211
Red River Parish, LA22081-22.5%1211
Faribault County, MN27043-22.5%1211
Floyd County, TX48153-22.5%1211
Ventura County, CA06111-22.5%1211
Clark County, IN18019-22.6%1216
DeKalb County, IL17037-22.6%1216
Summit County, OH39153-22.6%1216
Leavenworth County, KS20103-22.7%1219
Ogemaw County, MI26129-22.7%1219
Sharkey County, MS28125-22.7%1219
Le Sueur County, MN27079-22.7%1219
Tucker County, WV54093-22.7%1219
Baltimore City County, MD24510-22.8%1224
Franklin Parish, LA22041-22.9%1225
Garfield County, MT30033-22.9%1225
Tillamook County, OR41057-22.9%1225
Gloucester County, VA51073-22.9%1225
Ozaukee, WI55089-22.9%1225
Buena Vista County, IA19021-22.9%1225
La Salle Parish, LA22059-23.0%1231
Fayette County, TX48149-23.0%1231
Eastland County, TX48133-23.0%1231
Johnston County, OK40069-23.0%1231
Pend Oreille County, WA53051-23.0%1231
Boise County, ID16015-23.1%1236
Whiteside County, IL17195-23.1%1236
DeWitt County, TX48123-23.1%1236
Adams County, WA53001-23.2%1239
Beltrami County, MN27007-23.2%1239
Bethel Borough, AK02050-23.2%1239
Jackson Parish, LA22049-23.2%1239
Moody County, SD46101-23.2%1239
Clay County, MN27027-23.2%1239
Collingsworth County, TX48087-23.2%1239
Kent County, MI26081-23.2%1239
Oktibbeha County, MS28105-23.2%1239
Republic County, KS20157-23.3%1248
McIntosh County, ND38051-23.3%1248
Grant County, OK40053-23.3%1248
Harper County, OK40059-23.3%1248
Hood County, TX48221-23.3%1248
Greenup County, KY21089-23.3%1248
Chippewa County, MI26033-23.3%1248
Nelson County, VA51125-23.3%1248
Marion County, IN18097-23.3%1248
Franklin County, TN47051-23.3%1248
St. Francis County, AR05123-23.3%1248
Geary County, KS20061-23.3%1248
Henderson County, NC37089-23.3%1248
Rutherford County, TN47149-23.3%1248
Alfalfa County, OK40003-23.4%1262
Okmulgee County, OK40111-23.4%1262
Yakutat Borough, AK02282-23.4%1262
Grundy County, TN47061-23.4%1262
Calloway County, KY21035-23.5%1266
Imperial County, CA06025-23.5%1266
Teller County, CO08119-23.5%1266
Clark County, SD46025-23.5%1266
DeKalb County, TN47041-23.5%1266
Kaufman County, TX48257-23.5%1266
Grant County, AR05053-23.5%1266
Love County, OK40085-23.6%1273
Carson County, TX48065-23.6%1273
Frontier County, NE31063-23.7%1275
Polk County, FL12105-23.7%1275
Jackson County, MI26075-23.7%1275
Cross County, AR05037-23.8%1278
Adams County, CO08001-23.8%1278
New Haven County, CT09009-23.8%1278
Clare County, MI26035-23.8%1278
Logan County, IL17107-23.9%1282
Trego County, KS20195-23.9%1282
Lampasas County, TX48281-23.9%1282
New Hanover County, NC37129-24.0%1285
Chatham County, GA13051-24.0%1285
Fayette County, KY21067-24.0%1285
Falls Church Independent City, VA51610-24.0%1285
St. Clair County, MI26147-24.1%1289
Muskogee County, OK40101-24.1%1289
Lincoln Parish, LA22061-24.1%1289
Hood River County, OR41027-24.1%1289
Vermilion County, IL17183-24.1%1289
Grundy County, IA19075-24.1%1289
Benton County, MN27009-24.1%1289
Green Lake, WI55047-24.2%1296
Butler County, IA19023-24.2%1296
Crow Wing County, MN27035-24.2%1296
Guthrie County, IA19077-24.2%1296
Wicomico County, MD24045-24.2%1296
Muscogee County, GA13215-24.3%1301
Monroe County, IL17133-24.3%1301
Mille Lacs County, MN27095-24.3%1301
Franklin County, AR05047-24.3%1301
Kent County, RI44003-24.3%1301
Woodson County, KS20207-24.4%1306
Mississippi County, AR05093-24.4%1306
Tolland County, CT09013-24.4%1306
Floyd County, IN18043-24.4%1306
Richland County, IL17159-24.4%1306
Barber County, KS20007-24.4%1306
Decatur County, KS20039-24.5%1312
Hopkins County, KY21107-24.5%1312
Saunders County, NE31155-24.5%1312
McCook County, SD46087-24.5%1312
San Luis Obispo County, CA06079-24.5%1312
Fulton County, GA13121-24.5%1312
Union County, AR05139-24.5%1312
Cass County, NE31025-24.6%1319
Montgomery County, OH39113-24.6%1319
Washington County, OH39167-24.6%1319
Jackson County, WV54035-24.6%1319
Perry County, KY21193-24.6%1319
Buchanan County, IA19019-24.6%1319
Palo Alto County, IA19147-24.6%1319
Mason County, MI26105-24.6%1319
Nez Perce County, ID16069-24.6%1319
Dickinson County, KS20041-24.6%1319
Mathews County, VA51115-24.6%1319
Kingman County, KS20095-24.6%1319
Crawford County, MI26039-24.6%1319
Lavaca County, TX48285-24.6%1319
Greene County, VA51079-24.6%1319
Fayette County, IA19065-24.7%1334
Leon County, FL12073-24.7%1334
Iowa, WI55049-24.7%1334
Cleveland County, AR05025-24.7%1334
Owen County, KY21187-24.7%1334
Wasatch County, UT49051-24.7%1334
Harrisonburg Independent City, VA51660-24.7%1334
Kay County, OK40071-24.7%1334
Monroe County, AR05095-24.7%1334
Essex County, VA51057-24.7%1334
Cochise County, AZ04003-24.7%1334
Calhoun County, IL17013-24.8%1345
Bristol County, RI44001-24.8%1345
Pueblo County, CO08101-24.8%1345
Clayton County, GA13063-24.8%1345
Quitman County, MS28119-24.8%1345
Colusa County, CA06011-24.9%1350
Teton County, ID16081-25.0%1351
Scott County, IL17171-25.0%1351
Clay County, IA19041-25.0%1351
Breathitt County, KY21025-25.0%1351
Franklin County, KY21073-25.0%1351
Emmet County, MI26047-25.0%1351
Ingham County, MI26065-25.0%1351
Nobles County, MN27105-25.0%1351
Otter Tail County, MN27111-25.0%1351
Lawrence County, MS28077-25.0%1351
Cedar County, NE31027-25.0%1351
Deuel County, NE31049-25.0%1351
Saline County, NE31151-25.0%1351
Scotts Bluff County, NE31157-25.0%1351
Sandusky County, OH39143-25.0%1351
Coal County, OK40029-25.0%1351
Union County, OR41061-25.0%1351
Ellis County, TX48139-25.0%1351
Hill County, TX48217-25.0%1351
Weston County, WY56045-25.0%1351
Santa Cruz County, AZ04023-25.0%1351
Tulare County, CA06107-25.0%1351
Litchfield County, CT09005-25.0%1351
Jasper County, MS28061-25.2%1374
Mendocino County, CA06045-25.2%1374
Copiah County, MS28029-25.2%1374
Franklin County, MS28037-25.2%1374
Dickenson County, VA51051-25.2%1374
Coles County, IL17029-25.3%1379
Sharp County, AR05135-25.3%1379
Simpson County, MS28127-25.3%1379
Hancock County, OH39063-25.3%1379
Sequoyah County, OK40135-25.3%1379
La Salle County, TX48283-25.3%1379
Johnson County, TX48251-25.3%1379
Wise County, TX48497-25.3%1379
Schuyler County, IL17169-25.3%1379
Chippewa, WI55017-25.3%1379
Roscommon County, MI26143-25.3%1379
Wilbarger County, TX48487-25.3%1379
Campbell County, VA51031-25.3%1379
Sunflower County, MS28133-25.3%1379
Harvey County, KS20079-25.4%1393
Craighead County, AR05031-25.4%1393
Otsego County, MI26137-25.4%1393
Gallatin County, MT30031-25.4%1393
Emmons County, ND38029-25.4%1393
Newton County, AR05101-25.4%1393
Columbiana County, OH39029-25.4%1393
Fauquier County, VA51061-25.4%1393
Mecosta County, MI26107-25.4%1393
St. Joseph County, MI26149-25.4%1393
Teton County, MT30099-25.4%1393
St. Louis City County, MO29510-25.4%1393
Wilkin County, MN27167-25.5%1405
Klickitat County, WA53039-25.5%1405
Wadena County, MN27159-25.5%1405
Pasquotank County, NC37139-25.5%1405
El Paso County, CO08041-25.5%1405
Clay County, NE31035-25.6%1410
Keith County, NE31101-25.6%1410
Thomas County, KS20193-25.6%1410
Scott County, MS28123-25.6%1410
Bandera County, TX48019-25.6%1410
St. Joseph County, IN18141-25.7%1415
Grand Traverse County, MI26055-25.7%1415
Johnson County, WY56019-25.7%1415
Cerro Gordo County, IA19033-25.7%1415
LaMoure County, ND38045-25.7%1415
Washington County, RI44009-25.7%1415
Fayette County, IL17051-25.7%1415
Keokuk County, IA19107-25.8%1422
Panola County, MS28107-25.8%1422
Kalamazoo County, MI26077-25.8%1422
Solano County, CA06095-25.8%1422
Chisago County, MN27025-25.8%1422
Harding County, NM35021-25.9%1427
Wilson County, TN47189-25.9%1427
Wapello County, IA19179-25.9%1427
Stafford County, KS20185-26.0%1430
Forsyth County, NC37067-26.0%1430
Missaukee County, MI26113-26.0%1430
Callahan County, TX48059-26.0%1430
Wasco County, OR41065-26.0%1430
Montezuma County, CO08083-26.0%1430
Dickinson County, IA19059-26.1%1436
Brown County, MN27015-26.1%1436
Murray County, MN27101-26.1%1436
Pettis County, MO29159-26.1%1436
Cocke County, TN47029-26.1%1436
Mason County, WV54053-26.1%1436
De Witt County, IL17039-26.1%1436
Pawnee County, OK40117-26.1%1436
Alleghany County, VA51005-26.1%1436
Blaine County, MT30005-26.2%1445