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Find information on the demographic and workforce data for any of the 50 states.
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Innovation in American Regions

This site helps a region guide strategic conversations about where to invest scarce resources to build prosperity, focusing on brainpower and innovation.

Counties in Profile

Click to get population, housing, income, and labor force data for any of the United States' 3,141 counties.
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Measuring Distress

Quickly calculate whether a county, region, or neighborhood (based on census tract groupings) meets certain federal grant thresholds based on unemployment and per capita income.

County-Metro Side-by-Side

Compare up to four areas across the nation (choose among the United States, states, metros, micros or metro divisions). Each area's data will display as a column in the table. Go to Side-by-Side

Download Federal Data

The new downloads section allows you to view or download federal data sets for the U.S., all states, and counties by state.