Data and analysis tools to support regional competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy. An EDA project.

Innovation Index

index graphic The Index helps you understand your region's innovation performance and potential

Cluster Analysis

Explore 15 knowledge-based occupation clusters and 17 industry clusters to uncover regional strengths

Investment Analysis

Understand the regional development process and access tools to help guide public investment decisions

Guidelines for Regional Investment

Projects are most successful when they are connected to a sensible regional strategy. The following framework and tool can help regions link and leverage assets in new and innovative ways.

What Investments Hold Strong Potential for the Region?

Regional leaders can simplify the process of developing a shared framework by first defining their goals in terms of five categories of strategic investment, corresponding to the critical ingredients for competitive regions in today’s global economy.

By defining and mapping regional goals onto the strategy mapping tool, regional leaders can gain some insights into whether their current level and pattern of economic development investments appropriately reflect their goals.

How Do We Prioritize the Investments Holding the Most Promise?

The Regional Investment Portfolio Tool (.xls) can help a region identify the public investments most critical to carrying out its economic development strategy. The tool is a high-level summary about alternate investment options, similar to the process investment managers use to allocate financial capital across a range of possible investments. It is developed through guided, focused discussions within the leadership team. Click here to explore the spreadsheet template.

More Information

More detailed information about the regional strategy process can be found in the report, Crossing the Next Regional Frontier: Information and Analytics Linking Regional Competitiveness to Investment in a Knowledge-Based Economy.