USA Counties in Profile

ACS Population - Married With Kids Households 2017

 FIPS CodeDataRank
Los Angeles County, CA06037647,7621
Harris County, TX48201353,5562
Cook County, IL17031338,0483
Maricopa County, AZ04013292,0954
Orange County, CA06059250,5935
San Diego County, CA06073242,2226
Dallas County, TX48113180,8397
King County, WA53033177,0868
Santa Clara County, CA06085173,6599
Riverside County, CA06065173,22510
Kings County, NY36047163,59411
Tarrant County, TX48439161,78212
Miami-Dade County, FL12086152,04113
Queens County, NY36081148,73314
San Bernardino County, CA06071148,26215
Middlesex County, MA25017135,80016
Clark County, NV32003134,14917
Alameda County, CA06001133,30218
Bexar County, TX48029129,06919
Suffolk County, NY36103118,37620
Nassau County, NY36059117,88121
Broward County, FL12011117,58722
Fairfax County, VA51059110,06323
Sacramento County, CA06067108,58924
Collin County, TX48085103,86225
Oakland County, MI26125103,63326
Wayne County, MI2616398,35127
Wake County, NC3718397,42128
Salt Lake County, UT4903597,41129
Contra Costa County, CA0601395,98930
Hennepin County, MN2705393,84831
Montgomery County, MD2403192,70332
Hillsborough County, FL1205789,20833
Travis County, TX4845388,57634
Bergen County, NJ3400386,48635
Orange County, FL1209585,86436
DuPage County, IL1704385,42837
Franklin County, OH3904984,41338
Palm Beach County, FL1209983,38039
Fairfield County, CT0900182,44740
Allegheny County, PA4200381,81141
Westchester County, NY3611981,53242
Gwinnett County, GA1313580,71743
Mecklenburg County, NC3711978,85644
New York County, NY3606178,73945
Denton County, TX4812178,37846
Fort Bend County, TX4815776,40647
Middlesex County, NJ3402374,41748
Montgomery County, PA4209172,15549
St. Louis County, MO2918972,14350
Cuyahoga County, OH3903569,96051
Lake County, IL1709766,94052
Hidalgo County, TX4821566,77253
Kern County, CA0602966,38754
Fresno County, CA0601966,20755
Honolulu County, HI1500365,39856
Pierce County, WA5305364,86057
Snohomish County, WA5306164,85458
Ventura County, CA0611164,72159
Will County, IL1719764,34560
Bronx County, NY3600564,03961
Macomb County, MI2609963,82562
Hartford County, CT0900363,70863
San Mateo County, CA0608163,56664
Fulton County, GA1312163,36565
Utah County, UT4904963,16966
Norfolk County, MA2502162,71267
Cobb County, GA1306762,37168
Worcester County, MA2502760,97969
El Paso County, TX4814160,53570
Pima County, AZ0401959,72671
Philadelphia County, PA4210159,49172
Erie County, NY3602959,06173
El Paso County, CO0804158,34474
Johnson County, KS2009157,67175
Essex County, MA2500956,80776
San Joaquin County, CA0607756,78777
Baltimore County, MD2400556,58078
Duval County, FL1203154,48379
Oklahoma County, OK4010954,25180
Multnomah County, OR4105153,52381
Milwaukee, WI5507953,31182
Monmouth County, NJ3402553,06583
Essex County, NJ3401352,67884
Bucks County, PA4201752,44885
Washington County, OR4106751,89286
Arapahoe County, CO0800551,77687
Shelby County, TN4715751,71488
Marion County, IN1809751,52389
Montgomery County, TX4833951,51790
New Haven County, CT0900951,41891
Hamilton County, OH3906151,00792
Kent County, MI2608149,67093
Prince George's County, MD2403348,94694
Williamson County, TX4849148,66595
Morris County, NJ3402748,49696
Kane County, IL1708948,45097
Chester County, PA4202947,54298
Loudoun County, VA5110747,44199
Monroe County, NY3605547,167100
Tulsa County, OK4014347,037101
Jefferson County, KY2111146,187102
San Francisco County, CA0607545,757103
Anne Arundel County, MD2400345,723104
Pinellas County, FL1210345,416105
Hudson County, NJ3401745,286106
Prince William County, VA5115345,178107
Douglas County, NE3105544,540108
Union County, NJ3403943,845109
Jefferson County, CO0805943,752110
DeKalb County, GA1308943,647111
Ocean County, NJ3402943,334112
Denver County, CO0803142,821113
Jackson County, MO2909542,457114
Stanislaus County, CA0609942,134115
Lancaster County, PA4207141,911116
Davidson County, TN4703741,483117
Delaware County, PA4204541,375118
Bernalillo County, NM3500141,252119
Dane, WI5502541,072120
Adams County, CO0800140,395121
Richmond County, NY3608540,380122
Jefferson County, AL0107340,103123
Plymouth County, MA2502340,051124
Douglas County, CO0803539,386125
Polk County, IA1915338,678126
Clark County, WA5301138,310127
Sedgwick County, KS2017338,298128
Bristol County, MA2500538,258129
Dakota County, MN2703738,178130
Providence County, RI4400738,084131
Ramsey County, MN2712337,621132
Greenville County, SC4504537,432133
Hamilton County, IN1805737,252134
Waukesha, WI5513336,823135
Davis County, UT4901136,601136
St. Charles County, MO2918336,130137
Tulare County, CA0610735,972138
Summit County, OH3915335,682139
Spokane County, WA5306335,593140
Ada County, ID1600135,592141
Polk County, FL1210535,525142
Burlington County, NJ3400535,264143
New Castle County, DE1000335,143144
Virginia Beach Independent City, VA5181035,057145
Passaic County, NJ3403134,851146
Sonoma County, CA0609734,708147
Camden County, NJ3400734,366148
Guilford County, NC3708134,069149
Suffolk County, MA2502534,029150
Lee County, FL1207133,449151
Clackamas County, OR4100533,408152
York County, PA4213333,111153
Brazoria County, TX4803933,091154
Montgomery County, OH3911332,995155
Placer County, CA0606132,682156
Knox County, TN4709332,653157
Howard County, MD2402732,326158
Somerset County, NJ3403532,216159
Pasco County, FL1210131,789160
Washoe County, NV3203131,747161
Hillsborough, NH3301131,568162
Orange County, NY3607131,482163
Lake County, IN1808931,120164
Brevard County, FL1200930,797165
Cameron County, TX4806130,702166
Seminole County, FL1211730,474167
Onondaga County, NY3606730,395168
Santa Barbara County, CA0608330,381169
Monterey County, CA0605330,339170
Anoka County, MN2700329,733171
McHenry County, IL1711129,689172
Berks County, PA4201129,481173
Solano County, CA0609529,478174
Butler County, OH3901728,631175
Rockland County, NY3608728,280176
Mercer County, NJ3402127,985177
Bell County, TX4802727,714178
Allen County, IN1800327,535179
Madison County, AL0108927,498180
Forsyth County, GA1311727,247181
District of Columbia, DC1100127,137182
Chesterfield County, VA5104127,099183
Weld County, CO0812326,548184
Hampden County, MA2501326,067185
Forsyth County, NC3706725,905186
Galveston County, TX4816725,827187
Rockingham, NH3301525,811188
Lehigh County, PA4207725,786189
Rutherford County, TN4714925,720190
Genesee County, MI2604925,648191
Benton County, AR0500725,448192
Washtenaw County, MI2616125,424193
Lucas County, OH3909525,270194
Jefferson Parish, LA2205125,246195
Westmoreland County, PA4212925,230196
Ottawa County, MI2613925,218197
Williamson County, TN4718725,184198
Volusia County, FL1212724,852199
Larimer County, CO0806924,798200
Stark County, OH3915124,768201
Boulder County, CO0801324,752202
Mobile County, AL0109724,745203
Gloucester County, NJ3401524,220204
Pinal County, AZ0402124,084205
Richland County, SC4507923,921206
Washington County, MN2716323,896207
Henrico County, VA5108723,886208
Nueces County, TX4835523,678209
Union County, NC3717923,602210
Anchorage Borough, AK0202023,533211
Marion County, OR4104723,486212
Lancaster County, NE3110923,397213
East Baton Rouge Parish, LA2203323,374214
Warren County, OH3916523,289215
Cherokee County, GA1305723,050216
Charleston County, SC4501922,853217
Hamilton County, TN4706522,789218
Pulaski County, AR0511922,720219
Frederick County, MD2402122,624220
Marin County, CA0604122,336221
Delaware County, OH3904122,256222
Lane County, OR4103921,982223
Dutchess County, NY3602721,884224
Cumberland County, NC3705121,844225
Lexington County, SC4506321,824226
Weber County, UT4905721,747227
Thurston County, WA5306721,332228
Northampton County, PA4209521,303229
Fayette County, KY2106721,281230
York County, SC4509121,217231
Brown, WI5500921,153232
Osceola County, FL1209721,128233
Cleveland County, OK4002721,034234
Harford County, MD2402520,865235
Cumberland County, ME2300520,819236
Webb County, TX4847920,667237
Lorain County, OH3909320,548238
Greene County, MO2907720,346239
Merced County, CA0604720,079240
Baltimore City County, MD2451019,970241
St. Tammany Parish, LA2210319,855242
Spartanburg County, SC4508319,828243
Kitsap County, WA5303519,613244
Lubbock County, TX4830319,529245
Shelby County, AL0111719,521246
Clay County, MO2904719,457247
Madison County, IL1711919,440248
St. Johns County, FL1210919,197249
Chesapeake Independent City, VA5155018,980250
Saratoga County, NY3609118,974251
Luzerne County, PA4207918,924252
Durham County, NC3706318,736253
Manatee County, FL1208118,723254
Winnebago County, IL1720118,658255
Cabarrus County, NC3702518,482256
Washington County, AR0514318,387257
Santa Cruz County, CA0608718,373258
New London County, CT0901118,316259
Sarasota County, FL1211518,240260
Yakima County, WA5307718,207261
Linn County, IA1911318,196262
Sarpy County, NE3115318,184263
Cumberland County, PA4204118,180264
Lake County, FL1206918,160265
Albany County, NY3600118,134266
St. Joseph County, IN1814117,975267
Jefferson County, MO2909917,930268
Dauphin County, PA4204317,822269
San Luis Obispo County, CA0607917,783270
Collier County, FL1202117,643271
Montgomery County, TN4712517,363272
Erie County, PA4204917,297273
Arlington County, VA5101317,210274
St. Lucie County, FL1211117,201275
Kalamazoo County, MI2607717,134276
Yuma County, AZ0402717,110277
Onslow County, NC3713317,078278
Henry County, GA1315116,994279
Atlantic County, NJ3400116,978280
Lafayette Parish, LA2205516,959281
Canyon County, ID1602716,951282
Clay County, FL1201916,943283
Horry County, SC4505116,837284
St. Clair County, IL1716316,757285
Clermont County, OH3902516,690286
Livingston County, MI2609316,536287
Ingham County, MI2606516,369288
Leon County, FL1207316,366289
Lake County, OH3908516,350290
Yolo County, CA0611316,292291
McLennan County, TX4830916,253292
Jefferson County, TX4824516,091293
Johnston County, NC3710115,983294
Scott County, MN2713915,981295
Buncombe County, NC3702115,936296
Outagamie, WI5508715,919297
Elkhart County, IN1803915,869298
Chatham County, GA1305115,673299
Butler County, PA4201915,596300
Hendricks County, IN1806315,555301
Hays County, TX4820915,523302
Smith County, TX4842315,500303
Medina County, OH3910315,375304
Benton County, WA5300515,367305
Marion County, FL1208315,056306
Paulding County, GA1322315,046307
Washington County, PA4212515,020308
Berkeley County, SC4501515,009309
Whatcom County, WA5307314,963310
Dona Ana County, NM3501314,876311
Ellis County, TX4813914,839312
Hall County, GA1313914,719313
Minnehaha County, SD4609914,638314
Carroll County, MD2401314,556315
Clayton County, GA1306314,489316
Oneida County, NY3606514,484317
Okaloosa County, FL1209114,457318
DeSoto County, MS2803314,309319
Sumner County, TN4716514,226320
Wright County, MN2717114,223321
York County, ME2303114,199322
Racine, WI5510114,193323
Orleans Parish, LA2207114,173324
Litchfield County, CT0900514,113325
Stafford County, VA5117914,081326
Olmsted County, MN2710914,032327
El Dorado County, CA0601713,855328
Porter County, IN1812713,846329
Cass County, ND3801713,826330
McLean County, IL1711313,790331
Anderson County, SC4500713,747332
Brazos County, TX4804113,743333
Santa Rosa County, FL1211313,713334
Johnson County, TX4825113,636335
Jackson County, OR4102913,616336
Escambia County, FL1203313,560337
Gaston County, NC3707113,533338
Calcasieu Parish, LA2201913,477339
Alachua County, FL1200113,469340
Butte County, CA0600713,398341
Rankin County, MS2812113,395342
New Hanover County, NC3712913,387343
Iredell County, NC3709713,367344
Sangamon County, IL1716713,345345
Johnson County, IN1808113,275346
Kendall County, IL1709313,233347
Guadalupe County, TX4818713,219348
Shawnee County, KS2017713,193349
Mahoning County, OH3909913,181350
Niagara County, NY3606313,054351
Scott County, IA1916312,924352
Licking County, OH3908912,918353
Baldwin County, AL0100312,879354
Columbia County, GA1307312,861355
Washington County, UT4905312,813356
Tuscaloosa County, AL0112512,763357
Lackawanna County, PA4206912,754358
Montgomery County, AL0110112,728359
Midland County, TX4832912,696360
Coweta County, GA1307712,690361
Fairfield County, OH3904512,685362
Boone County, MO2901912,636363
Champaign County, IL1701912,595364
St. Louis County, MN2713712,526365
Davidson County, NC3705712,522366
Caddo Parish, LA2201712,454367
Charles County, MD2401712,450368
Greene County, OH3905712,427369
Tippecanoe County, IN1815712,424370
Deschutes County, OR4101712,411371
Kent County, RI4400312,407372
Harrison County, MS2804712,402373
Norfolk Independent City, VA5171012,304374
Yellowstone County, MT3011112,219375
Washington, WI5513112,206376
St. Louis City County, MO2951012,141377
Sussex County, NJ3403712,137378
Trumbull County, OH3915512,125379
Cache County, UT4900512,022380
Livingston Parish, LA2206312,020381
Middlesex County, CT0900711,972382
Muscogee County, GA1321511,942383
Winnebago, WI5513911,908384
Boone County, KY2101511,852385
Stearns County, MN2714511,835386
Kenosha, WI5505911,825387
Saginaw County, MI2614511,700388
Ector County, TX4813511,682389
Sussex County, DE1000511,625390
Kootenai County, ID1605511,610391
Canadian County, OK4001711,568392
Carver County, MN2701911,514393
Peoria County, IL1714311,511394
Houston County, GA1315311,477395
Wilson County, TN4718911,469396
Vanderburgh County, IN1816311,387397
Franklin County, PA4205511,363398
Hunterdon County, NJ3401911,340399
Kent County, DE1000111,338400
Barnstable County, MA2500111,338400
Chittenden County, VT5000711,336402
Broome County, NY3600711,327403
St. Clair County, MI2614711,293404
Pitt County, NC3714711,288405
Kanawha County, WV5403911,277406
Kenton County, KY2111711,255407
Hinds County, MS2804911,236408
Rock, WI5510511,219409
Catawba County, NC3703511,180410
Kings County, CA0603111,164411
Imperial County, CA0602511,160412
Alamance County, NC3700111,158413
Johnson County, IA1910311,138414
Spotsylvania County, VA5117711,125415
Dorchester County, SC4503511,099416
Madera County, CA0603910,953417
Yavapai County, AZ0402510,921418
Monroe County, PA4208910,914419
Merrimack, NH3301310,913420
Orange County, NC3713510,899421
Marathon, WI5507310,889422
Bay County, FL1200510,851423
Tolland County, CT0901310,847424
Lee County, AL0108110,826425
Parker County, TX4836710,792426
Ulster County, NY3611110,785427
Napa County, CA0605510,749428
Beaver County, PA4200710,748429
Monroe County, MI2611510,720430
Harnett County, NC3708510,706431
Tazewell County, IL1717910,705432
Randall County, TX4838110,678433
Bonneville County, ID1601910,642434
Muskegon County, MI2612110,636435
Alexandria Independent City, VA5151010,628436
Shasta County, CA0608910,616437
Mesa County, CO0807710,505438
Ascension Parish, LA2200510,438439
Portage County, OH3913310,437440
Washington County, MD2404310,419441
Comal County, TX4809110,395442
Aiken County, SC4500310,351443
Centre County, PA4202710,339444
Newport News Independent City, VA5170010,232445
Randolph County, NC3715110,230446
Fayette County, GA1311310,211447
Douglas County, GA1309710,203448
Beaufort County, SC4501310,188449
Rensselaer County, NY3608310,160450
Rockwall County, TX4839710,053451
Sullivan County, TN4716310,050452
Kaufman County, TX4825710,019453
Wyandotte County, KS202099,988454
Dallas County, IA190499,912455
Jackson County, MI260759,883456
Berrien County, MI260219,840457
Maui County, HI150099,832458
Sandoval County, NM350439,799459
Wood County, OH391739,796460
Lebanon County, PA420759,795461
Pueblo County, CO081019,795461
Hawaii County, HI150019,779463
Jasper County, MO290979,737464
Hanover County, VA510859,704465
Allegan County, MI260059,652466
St. Mary's County, MD240379,646467
Jefferson County, NY360459,561468
Ouachita Parish, LA220739,524469
Schuylkill County, PA421079,498470
Saline County, AR051259,453471
Hernando County, FL120539,449472
Blount County, TN470099,434473
Faulkner County, AR050459,363474
Sheboygan, WI551179,249475
Cass County, MO290379,214476
Hampshire County, MA250159,200477
Sebastian County, AR051319,177478
Wayne County, OH391699,115479
Washington County, RI440099,111480
Grayson County, TX481819,037481
Rock Island County, IL171619,016482
Penobscot County, ME230199,010483
Taylor County, TX484418,906484
Bossier Parish, LA220158,888485
Putnam County, NY360798,880486
Sherburne County, MN271418,861487
Warren County, KY212278,803488
Strafford, NH330178,802489
St. Croix, WI551098,756490
Schenectady County, NY360938,739491
Potter County, TX483758,658492
Carroll County, GA130458,643493
La Crosse, WI550638,639494
Platte County, MO291658,637495
Rowan County, NC371598,636496
Wichita County, TX484858,584497
Morgan County, AL011038,578498
Mohave County, AZ040158,577499
Black Hawk County, IA190138,554500
Cambria County, PA420218,525501
Skagit County, WA530578,524502
Geauga County, OH390558,521503
Warren County, NJ340418,518504
Franklin County, MO290718,507505
Gallatin County, MT300318,464506
Florence County, SC450418,435507
Madison County, MS280898,404508
Linn County, OR410438,401509
Berkeley County, WV540038,398510
Gregg County, TX481838,384511
Whitfield County, GA133138,359512
Washington County, TN471798,340513
Clark County, IN180198,320514
Martin County, FL120858,305515
Calhoun County, MI260258,299516
Blair County, PA420138,289517
Madison County, IN180958,279518
Fairbanks North Star Borough, AK020908,273519
Hardin County, KY210938,225520
Wayne County, NC371918,202521
Clark County, OH390238,158522
Albemarle County, VA510038,148523
Cumberland County, NJ340118,145524
Comanche County, OK400318,137525
Ozaukee, WI550898,137525
Tom Green County, TX484518,133527
Richmond County, GA132458,098528
Rogers County, OK401318,068529
Missoula County, MT300638,027530
Rapides Parish, LA220797,999531
Bartow County, GA130157,949532
Lycoming County, PA420817,941533
Pickens County, SC450777,934534
Chautauqua County, NY360137,882535
Dubuque County, IA190617,845536
Ontario County, NY360697,838537
Christian County, MO290437,798538
Tangipahoa Parish, LA221057,794539
Fond du Lac, WI550397,794539
Santa Fe County, NM350497,778541
Cochise County, AZ040037,777542
Franklin County, WA530217,758543
Matanuska-Susitna Borough, AK021707,758543
Oswego County, NY360757,756545
Burleigh County, ND380157,753546
Eaton County, MI260457,736547
La Salle County, IL170997,712548
Laramie County, WY560217,671549
Douglas County, KS200457,659550
Monroe County, IN181057,642551
Sutter County, CA061017,632552
Cecil County, MD240157,626553
Jackson County, MS280597,624554
Grant County, WA530257,613555
Adams County, PA420017,609556
Craven County, NC370497,604557
Walworth, WI551277,533558
Fayette County, PA420517,521559
Pennington County, SD461037,494560
San Juan County, NM350457,470561
Eau Claire, WI550357,445562
Calvert County, MD240097,442563
Kennebec County, ME230117,424564
Bradley County, TN470117,400565
Terrebonne Parish, LA221097,394566
Miami County, OH391097,385567
Roanoke County, VA511617,380568
Daviess County, KY210597,363569
Craighead County, AR050317,356570
Richland County, OH391397,315571
Mercer County, PA420857,307572
Twin Falls County, ID160837,304573
Woodbury County, IA191937,302574
Newton County, GA132177,294575
Calhoun County, AL010157,281576
Kankakee County, IL170917,272577
Hampton Independent City, VA516507,268578
Tooele County, UT490457,248579
Lowndes County, GA131857,234580
Richmond Independent City, VA517607,206581
Androscoggin County, ME230017,193582
Humboldt County, CA060237,189583
Yamhill County, OR410717,187584
Flathead County, MT300297,186585
Frederick County, VA510697,184586
Bibb County, GA130217,172587
Columbiana County, OH390297,098588
Coconino County, AZ040057,094589
Bannock County, ID160057,052590
Windham County, CT090157,047591
DeKalb County, IL170377,013592
Limestone County, AL010836,991593
Oldham County, KY211856,978594
Suffolk Independent City, VA518006,968595
Walton County, GA132976,952596
Cowlitz County, WA530156,937597
Indian River County, FL120616,865598
Lafourche Parish, LA220576,857599
Berkshire County, MA250036,847600
Steuben County, NY361016,847600
Tuscarawas County, OH391576,834602
Allen County, OH390036,821603
Lincoln County, NC371096,783604
Jefferson, WI550556,783604
Story County, IA191696,781606
Broomfield County, CO080146,748607
LaPorte County, IN180916,712608
Henderson County, NC370896,689609
Leavenworth County, KS201036,676610
Midland County, MI261116,654611
St. Clair County, AL011156,652612
Hancock County, IN180596,650613
Marshall County, AL010956,635614
Moore County, NC371256,625615
St. Lawrence County, NY360896,612616
Angelina County, TX480056,576617
Maury County, TN471196,543618
Boone County, IN180116,533619
Bay County, MI260176,531620
Delaware County, IN180356,529621
Clinton County, MI260376,511622
York County, VA511996,509623
Lenawee County, MI260916,497624
Lapeer County, MI260876,478625
Lonoke County, AR050856,462626
Robeson County, NC371556,429627
Floyd County, GA131156,404628
Vigo County, IN181676,396629
Wagoner County, OK401456,393630
Rockingham County, VA511656,388631
Orange County, TX483616,385632
Kosciusko County, IN180856,373633
Wicomico County, MD240456,367634
Victoria County, TX484696,351635
White County, AR051456,348636
Macon County, IL171156,320637
Lauderdale County, AL010776,297638
Pottawattamie County, IA191556,268639
Hunt County, TX482316,263640
Grand Traverse County, MI260556,258641
Cascade County, MT300136,254642
Bartholomew County, IN180056,244643
Campbell County, KY210376,234644
Madison County, KY211516,203645
Coryell County, TX480996,181646
Etowah County, AL010556,170647
Sumter County, SC450856,169648
Monongalia County, WV540616,147649
Ashtabula County, OH390076,141650
Butler County, KS200156,135651
Lee County, MS280816,132652
Bedford + Bedford City, VA510196,067653
Sevier County, TN471556,062654
Manitowoc, WI550716,056655
Houston County, AL010696,029656
Wayne County, NY361176,012657
Charlotte County, FL120156,008658
Yuba County, CA061155,979659
Brunswick County, NC370195,978660
Barrow County, GA130135,973661
Dodge, WI550275,968662
Polk County, OR410535,967663
Benton County, OR410035,964664
Muskingum County, OH391195,905665
Cullman County, AL010435,889666
Fauquier County, VA510615,887667
Liberty County, TX482915,879668
Douglas County, OR410195,872669
Montgomery County, VA511215,866670
Cape May County, NJ340095,855671
Lincoln County, SD460835,852672
Nevada County, CA060575,848673
Natrona County, WY560255,800674
Warrick County, IN181735,790675
Crawford County, PA420395,782676
Christian County, KY210475,743677
Ward County, ND381015,700678
Catoosa County, GA130475,698679
Elmore County, AL010515,677680
Madison County, TN471135,675681
Bastrop County, TX480215,671682
Citrus County, FL120175,653683
Island County, WA530295,644684
Northumberland County, PA420975,640685
Wood County, WV541075,629686
Lea County, NM350255,614687
Cleveland County, NC370455,607688
Newport County, RI440055,604689
Bullitt County, KY210295,601690
Clay County, MN270275,599691
Hancock County, OH390635,599691
Cole County, MO290515,559693
Box Elder County, UT490035,559693
Jackson County, GA131575,552695
Van Buren County, MI261595,546696
Umatilla County, OR410595,546696
Howard County, IN180675,533698
Indiana County, PA420635,532699
Robertson County, TN471475,517700
Henderson County, TX482135,504701
Buchanan County, MO290215,458702
Lawrence County, PA420735,450703
Bowie County, TX480375,432704
Cabell County, WV540115,431705
Rockingham County, NC371575,426706
Clarke County, GA130595,417707
Garfield County, CO080455,399708
Nash County, NC371275,396709
Nassau County, FL120895,379710
Augusta County, VA510155,375711
Tompkins County, NY361095,357712
Union County, OH391595,311713
Wise County, TX484975,298714
Liberty County, GA131795,297715
Caldwell County, NC370275,268716
Surry County, NC371715,268716
Riley County, KS201615,257718
James City County, VA510955,255719
Garland County, AR050515,247720
Floyd County, IN180435,244721
San Patricio County, TX484095,237722
Chelan County, WA530075,205723
Morgan County, IN181095,202724
Effingham County, GA131035,194725
Somerset County, PA421115,191726
Shiawassee County, MI261555,164727
Scott County, KY212095,161728
Harrison County, TX482035,160729
Grafton, NH330095,144730
Cape Girardeau County, MO290315,130731
Navajo County, AZ040175,130731
Chemung County, NY360155,128733
Pottawatomie County, OK401255,116734
Lancaster County, SC450575,086735
Portage, WI550975,075736
Ross County, OH391415,067737
Raleigh County, WV540815,061738
Mendocino County, CA060455,042739
DeKalb County, AL010495,029740
Wood, WI551415,013741
Autauga County, AL010015,008742
Burke County, NC370235,001743
Calumet, WI550154,995744
Rockdale County, GA132474,988745
Clearfield County, PA420334,958746
Garfield County, OK400474,937747
Newton County, MO291454,931748
Putnam County, WV540794,931748
Cattaraugus County, NY360094,911750
Grand Forks County, ND380354,907751
Creek County, OK400374,900752
Lamar County, MS280734,897753
Chippewa, WI550174,896754
Flagler County, FL120354,895755
Clinton County, NY360194,889756
Payne County, OK401194,882757
Chatham County, NC370374,876758
Franklin County, NC370694,863759
Wilkes County, NC371934,857760
Crawford County, AR050334,854761
Wilson County, NC371954,839762
Pike County, KY211954,819763
Camden County, GA130394,807764
Lewis and Clark County, MT300494,807764
Lewis County, WA530414,797766
St. Landry Parish, LA220974,795767
Vernon Parish, LA221154,792768
Acadia Parish, LA220014,789769
Sauk, WI551114,783770
Hardin County, TX481994,776771
Chisago County, MN270254,773772
Maverick County, TX483234,765773
Rice County, MN271314,754774
San Benito County, CA060694,740775
Ionia County, MI260674,727776
Adams County, IL170014,723777
Valencia County, NM350614,723777
Scioto County, OH391454,722779
Grundy County, IL170634,716780
Williamson County, IL171994,707781
Harrison County, WV540334,696782
Josephine County, OR410334,690783
Madison County, NY360534,671784
Highlands County, FL120554,661785
Armstrong County, PA420054,654786
Hall County, NE310794,653787
Columbia, WI550214,651788
Putnam County, TN471414,626789
Warren County, IA191814,622790
Anderson County, TN470014,621791
Portsmouth Independent City, VA517404,595792
Knox County, OH390834,594793
Cayuga County, NY360114,589794
Glynn County, GA131274,581795
St. Francois County, MO291874,565796
Barry County, MI260154,555797
Gordon County, GA131294,548798
Sullivan County, NY361054,543799
Cheshire, NH330054,542800
Holmes County, OH390754,542800
Franklin County, MA250114,537802
Eagle County, CO080374,529803
Klamath County, OR410354,525804
Walker County, GA132954,524805
Muskogee County, OK401014,517806
Vermilion County, IL171834,508807
Crow Wing County, MN270354,507808
Boone County, IL170074,488809
Elko County, NV320074,485810
Chaves County, NM350054,483811
Jefferson County, WV540374,471812
Grady County, OK400514,468813
Bulloch County, GA130314,467814
Talladega County, AL011214,453815
Reno County, KS201554,446816
Carteret County, NC370314,444817
Tipton County, TN471674,428818
Forrest County, MS280354,423819
Summit County, UT490434,419820
Roanoke Independent City, VA517704,409821
Blue Earth County, MN270134,405822
Johnson County, MO291014,405822
Oconee County, SC450734,405822
Aroostook County, ME230034,374825
Wayne County, IN181774,351826
Otter Tail County, MN271114,340827
Hamblen County, TN470634,338828
Troup County, GA132854,335829
Nacogdoches County, TX483474,329830
Huron County, OH390774,310831
St. Joseph County, MI261494,303832
Blount County, AL010094,298833
Pope County, AR051154,292834
Hoke County, NC370934,283835
Belmont County, OH390134,283835
Pulaski County, KY211994,274837
Lincoln County, MO291134,265838
Pickaway County, OH391294,264839
Pittsylvania County, VA511434,264839
Campbell County, WY560054,259841
Eddy County, NM350154,241842
Coffee County, TN470314,240843
Erie County, OH390434,227844
Stanly County, NC371674,218845
Starr County, TX484274,218845
Val Verde County, TX484654,215847
Genesee County, NY360374,183848
Pike County, PA421034,178849
Chambers County, TX480714,171850
Lauderdale County, MS280754,170851
Granville County, NC370774,160852
Lee County, NC371054,160852
Rutherford County, NC371614,158854
Oconee County, GA132194,153855
Franklin County, VT500114,151856
Buffalo County, NE310194,150857
Walla Walla County, WA530714,140858
Geary County, KS200614,135859
Tehama County, CA061034,128860
Darke County, OH390374,124861
St. Charles Parish, LA220894,122862
Jessamine County, KY211134,095863
Sampson County, NC371634,082864
Walker County, AL011274,082864
Ogle County, IL171414,077866
McCracken County, KY211454,074867
Queen Anne's County, MD240354,072868
Jones County, MS280674,055869
Iron County, UT490214,055869
Kenai Peninsula Borough, AK021224,054871
Henry County, IL170734,053872
Greene County, TN470594,051873
Grays Harbor County, WA530274,050874
Montcalm County, MI261174,042875
Kauai County, HI150074,038876
Sweetwater County, WY560374,035877
Ashland County, OH390053,999878
Curry County, NM350093,993879
Vermilion Parish, LA221133,989880
Bingham County, ID160113,988881
Livingston County, NY360513,987882
Goodhue County, MN270493,968883
Laurel County, KY211253,965884
Culpeper County, VA510473,957885
Haywood County, NC370873,952886
Saline County, KS201693,949887
Marquette County, MI261033,944888
Bradford County, PA420153,940889
Dearborn County, IN180293,928890
Wilson County, TX484933,928890
Nelson County, KY211793,918892
Otero County, NM350353,915893
Iberia Parish, LA220453,914894
Rusk County, TX484013,904895
La Plata County, CO080673,890896
Dubois County, IN180373,885897
Van Zandt County, TX484673,884898
Tuscola County, MI261573,882899
Belknap, NH330013,880900
Franklin County, VA510673,878901
St. Martin Parish, LA220993,871902
Hood County, TX482213,869903
Allegany County, MD240013,865904
Columbia County, PA420373,861905
Lynchburg Independent City, VA516803,860906
Marion County, OH391013,856907
Sandusky County, OH391433,848908
Salem County, NJ340333,843909
Washington County, OH391673,833910
Washington County, OK401473,831911
Shelby County, OH391493,816912
Washington County, VT500233,814913
Isabella County, MI260733,812914
Waupaca, WI551353,806915
Campbell County, VA510313,802916
Noble County, IN181133,796917
Shelby County, KY212113,789918
Grant County, IN180533,784919
Pender County, NC371413,783920
Kershaw County, SC450553,778921
Washington County, NY361153,777922
Jefferson County, OH390813,767923
Auglaize County, OH390113,750924
Murray County, GA132133,742925
Washington County, VA511913,737926
Dickson County, TN470433,727927
McMinn County, TN471073,724928
Carbon County, PA420253,722929
Le Flore County, OK400793,703930
Bryan County, GA130293,697931
Mercer County, WV540553,696932
Bristol County, RI440013,692933
Marshall County, IN180993,690934
Walton County, FL121313,689935
Greenwood County, SC450473,687936
Lowndes County, MS280873,683937
Pearl River County, MS281093,683937
LaGrange County, IN180873,679939
Pulaski County, MO291693,677940
Coffee County, AL010313,671941
Otsego County, NY360773,657942
Taney County, MO292133,648943
Hawkins County, TN470733,645944
Clallam County, WA530093,637945
Whiteside County, IL171953,633946
Marion County, WV540493,631947
Coos County, OR410113,620948
Herkimer County, NY360433,619949
Windsor County, VT500273,598950
Perry County, PA420993,592951
Grant, WI550433,588952
Cass County, MI260273,585953
Fulton County, OH390513,581954
Lawrence County, OH390873,577955
Jackson County, AL010713,576956
Jackson County, IN180713,565957
Warren County, NY361133,565957
Woodford County, IL172033,548959
Lyon County, NV320193,546960
Bedford County, TN470033,527961
Columbia County, NY360213,526962
Logan County, OK400833,522963
Monroe County, IL171333,516964
Cherokee County, TX480733,508965
Darlington County, SC450313,505966
Navarro County, TX483493,504967
Macoupin County, IL171173,502968
Mercer County, OH391073,500969
Lawrence County, IN180933,483970
Monroe County, FL120873,482971
Newaygo County, MI261233,482971
Duplin County, NC370613,477973
Santa Cruz County, AZ040233,472974
Colbert County, AL010333,470975
Russell County, AL011133,460976
Columbia County, OR410093,459977
McClain County, OK400873,450978
Greene County, AR050553,443979
Monroe, WI550813,431980
Madison County, ID160653,426981
Tioga County, NY361073,419982
Hancock County, ME230093,408983
Rutland County, VT500213,407984
Spalding County, GA132553,403985
Orangeburg County, SC450753,400986
Roane County, TN471453,399987
Manassas Independent City, VA516833,395988
Sioux County, IA191673,386989
Dale County, AL010453,385990
Seneca County, OH391473,381991
Kandiyohi County, MN270673,378992
Gibson County, TN470533,363993
Fulton County, NY360353,360994
Columbia County, FL120233,358995
Venango County, PA421213,351996
Laurens County, SC450593,351996
Lenoir County, NC371073,331998
Bedford County, PA420093,315999
Jefferson County, TN470893,3091000
Lafayette County, MS280713,3051001
Dougherty County, GA130953,3041002
Itasca County, MN270613,2991003
Carter County, OK400193,2951004
Wasatch County, UT490513,2951004
Logan County, OH390913,2941006
Wharton County, TX484813,2941006
Lake County, CA060333,2891008
Carson City County, NV325103,2881009
Barron, WI550053,2861010
Habersham County, GA131373,2811011
Polk, WI550953,2721012
Winona County, MN271693,2641013
Clinton County, IA190453,2581014
Williams County, ND381053,2491015
Preble County, OH391353,2441016
Walker County, TX484713,2381017
Carter County, TN470193,2371018
Finney County, KS200553,2281019
Hopkins County, KY211073,2241020
Anderson County, TX480013,2221021
Putnam County, OH391373,2161022
Franklin County, KY210733,2151023
Brown County, SD460133,2101024
Jefferson County, AR050693,2101024
Benton County, MN270093,2011026
Lamar County, TX482773,1951027
Coles County, IL170293,1911028
Waller County, TX484733,1911028
Loudon County, TN471053,1871030
Kendall County, TX482593,1871030
Osage County, OK401133,1841032
Dunn, WI550333,1821033
Tuolumne County, CA061093,1821033
Somerset County, ME230253,1731035
Webster County, MO292253,1691036
Phelps County, MO291613,1601037
Huntingdon County, PA420613,1601037
Pierce, WI550933,1561039
Pettis County, MO291593,1551040
Chilton County, AL010213,1551040
Davie County, NC370593,1521042
Jefferson County, PA420653,1461043
Lawrence County, TN470993,1461043
Stokes County, NC371693,1371045
Steele County, MN271473,1361046
Clinton County, IL170273,1341047
Stephens County, OK401373,1321048
Jackson County, IL170773,1301049
Barren County, KY210093,1241050
Pittsburg County, OK401213,1181051
Carroll, NH330033,1161052
Shenandoah County, VA511713,1041053
Atascosa County, TX480133,0911054
Miami County, KS201213,0861055
Adams County, IN180013,0851056
Mayes County, OK400973,0831057
Medina County, TX483253,0831057
Green, WI550453,0741059
Uintah County, UT490473,0671060
Shelby County, IN181453,0661061
Monroe County, TN471233,0651062
Boyd County, KY210193,0631063
Mason County, WA530453,0631063
Chenango County, NY360173,0571065
Wayne County, PA421273,0561066
Montgomery County, IN181073,0541067
Hopkins County, TX482233,0451068
Douglas County, WA530173,0451068
Hillsdale County, MI260593,0341070
Snyder County, PA421093,0261071
Jefferson County, ID160513,0221072
Harvey County, KS200793,0211073
Muscatine County, IA191392,9981074
Cerro Gordo County, IA190332,9971075
Lawrence County, MO291092,9971075
Georgetown County, SC450432,9971075
Marshall County, IA191272,9951078
Allegany County, NY360032,9901079
McDowell County, NC371112,9871080
Douglas County, MN270412,9841081
Douglas County, NV320052,9831082
Mifflin County, PA420872,9791083
Montrose County, CO080852,9681084
Clark, WI550192,9561085
Hancock County, MS280452,9541086
Branch County, MI260232,9521087
Mower County, MN270992,9511088
Stevens County, WA530652,9511088
Montgomery County, NY360572,9461090
Oconto, WI550832,9371091
Tazewell County, VA511852,9361092
Alcorn County, MS280032,9341093
Ford County, KS200572,9321094
McLeod County, MN270852,9321094
Howell County, MO290912,9311096
St. John the Baptist Parish, LA220952,9241097
Warren County, MS281492,9241097
St. Bernard Parish, LA220872,9151099
Isanti County, MN270592,9121100
Madison County, OH390972,9121100
Henderson County, KY211012,9081102
Columbus County, NC370472,9081102
Gloucester County, VA510732,9041104
Daviess County, IN180272,9001105
Athens County, OH390092,8931106
Kay County, OK400712,8931106
Henry County, IN180652,8881108
Marion County, IA191252,8871109
Bryan County, OK400132,8791110
Henry County, VA510892,8781111
Miller County, AR050912,8701112
Cooke County, TX480972,8651113
Huntington County, IN180692,8621114
Lincoln County, NE311112,8581115
Brown County, OH390152,8561116
Highland County, OH390712,8521117
Madison County, NE311192,8451118
Campbell County, TN470132,8431119
Franklin County, NY360332,8411120
Meade County, KY211632,8361121
McKinley County, NM350312,8321122
Oxford County, ME230172,8281123
Harrison County, IN180612,8261124
DeKalb County, IN180332,8151125
Clinton County, OH390272,8151125
Cherokee County, SC450212,8151125
Warren County, TN471772,8131128
Crittenden County, AR050352,8081129
Okanogan County, WA530472,7961130
Dyer County, TN470452,7951131
Shawano, WI551152,7941132
Chesterfield County, SC450252,7881133
Laclede County, MO291052,7851134
Union County, PA421192,7781135
Jasper County, IA190992,7721136
Colquitt County, GA130712,7691137
Sequoyah County, OK401352,7671138
Defiance County, OH390392,7591139
Franklin County, TN470512,7591139
Harris County, GA131452,7551141
Ravalli County, MT300812,7501142
Boone County, AR050092,7501142
Williams County, OH391712,7481144
Cortland County, NY360232,7461145
Tift County, GA132772,7421146
Upshur County, TX484592,7421146
Cheatham County, TN470212,7411148
Polk County, GA132332,7391149
Whitley County, KY212352,7391149
Champaign County, OH390212,7391149
Jim Wells County, TX482492,7341152
Lincoln Parish, LA220612,7321153
Pontotoc County, OK401232,7321153
Putnam County, FL121072,7311155
Beauregard Parish, LA220112,7301156
Fremont County, WY560132,7261157
Knox County, IL170952,7251158
Sanilac County, MI261512,7241159
Morton County, ND380592,7241159
Platte County, NE311412,7231161
Erath County, TX481432,7181162
Independence County, AR050632,7181162
Coshocton County, OH390312,7141164
Nicollet County, MN271032,7131165
Bonner County, ID160172,7101166
Cass County, IN180172,7071167
Gibson County, IN180512,7051168
Scott County, MO292012,7041169
Cherokee County, OK400212,7031170
Fayette County, TN470472,6981171
Isle of Wight County, VA510932,6971172
Burnet County, TX480532,6951173
Yadkin County, NC371972,6871174
Dodge County, NE310532,6811175
Addison County, VT500012,6811175
Kerr County, TX482652,6801177
Kittitas County, WA530372,6801177
Waldo County, ME230272,6791179
Watauga County, NC371892,6791179
Carlton County, MN270172,6781181
Morrison County, MN270972,6761182
Laurens County, GA131752,6751183
Wyoming County, NY361212,6681184
Brown County, TX480492,6671185
Beaufort County, NC370132,6661186
Albany County, WY560012,6621187
Butler County, MO290232,6581188
Knox County, IN180832,6531189
Crawford County, OH390332,6531189
Austin County, TX480152,6481191
Floyd County, KY210712,6431192
Whitley County, IN181832,6341193
Des Moines County, IA190572,6341193
Perry County, OH391272,6321195
Wise County, VA511952,6281196
Prince George County, VA511492,6271197
Wayne County, WV540992,6171198
Juneau Borough, AK021102,6151199
Whitman County, WA530752,6091200
Lee County, GA131772,6061201
Callaway County, MO290272,6041202
Morrow County, OH391172,6041202
Latah County, ID160572,6031204
Cumberland County, TN470352,6021205
Dare County, NC370552,5961206
Douglas, WI550312,5941207
Jackson County, FL120632,5931208
Effingham County, IL170492,5931208
Stark County, ND380892,5931208
Wapello County, IA191792,5911211
Graves County, KY210832,5891212
Crawford County, KS200372,5851213
Warren County, VA511872,5851213
Covington County, AL010392,5801215
Susquehanna County, PA421152,5771216
Clarion County, PA420312,5751217
Sanpete County, UT490392,5741218
Union County, AR051392,5721219
Windham County, VT500252,5661220
Pasquotank County, NC371392,5651221
Warren County, PA421232,5621222
Caldwell County, TX480552,5571223
Botetourt County, VA510232,5521224
Beltrami County, MN270072,5491225
Harrisonburg Independent City, VA516602,5461226
Nez Perce County, ID160692,5451227
Alexander County, NC370032,5371228
Siskiyou County, CA060932,5351229
Titus County, TX484492,5331230
Charlottesville Independent City, VA515402,5331230
Orleans County, NY360732,5301232
Worcester County, MD240472,5271233
Cowley County, KS200352,5261234
Tioga County, PA421172,5261234
Adams County, NE310012,5231236
Ottawa County, OH391232,5211237
Thomas County, GA132752,5201238
Vernon, WI551232,5191239
Warren County, MO292192,5141240
Sheridan County, WY560332,5101241
Sagadahoc County, ME230232,5041242
Livingston County, IL171052,5011243
Steuben County, IN181512,5011243
Greenup County, KY210892,5011243
Clinton County, PA420352,5011243
Delta County, MI260412,4841247
St. Mary Parish, LA221012,4831248
Coffee County, GA130692,4821249
Marion County, IL171212,4791250
Ripley County, IN181372,4791250
Oktibbeha County, MS281052,4771252
Jefferson County, IL170812,4761253
Hale County, TX481892,4751254
Greene County, NY360392,4741255
Stephenson County, IL171772,4731256
Cass County, NE310252,4711257
Gratiot County, MI260572,4691258
Le Sueur County, MN270792,4691258
Gila County, AZ040072,4691258
Marinette, WI550752,4571261
Calloway County, KY210352,4521262
Meade County, SD460932,4511263
Delaware County, NY360252,4461264
Lincoln County, OK400812,4421265
Howard County, TX482272,4411266
Becker County, MN270052,4351267
Fayette County, WV540192,4341268
Polk County, TX483732,4321269
Polk County, MN271192,4301270
Guernsey County, OH390592,4271271
Delaware County, OK400412,4241272
Miami County, IN181032,4181273
Orange County, VA511372,4171274
Pottawatomie County, KS201492,4131275
Caroline County, MD240112,4131275
Sullivan, NH330192,4131275
Apache County, AZ040012,4111278
Clinton County, IN180232,4061279
Webster Parish, LA221192,4061279
Suwannee County, FL121212,4041281
Park County, WY560292,4041281
Custer County, OK400392,4031283
Logan County, WV540452,4011284
Newberry County, SC450712,4001285
Marshall County, KY211572,3901286
Benton County, IA190112,3841287
Lawrence County, AL010792,3831288
Clay County, IN180212,3821289
Clatsop County, OR410072,3821289
Brookings County, SD460112,3801291
Avoyelles Parish, LA220092,3791292
Scotts Bluff County, NE311572,3791292
Morgan County, CO080872,3781294
Lafayette County, MO291072,3721295
McPherson County, KS201132,3691296
Graham County, AZ040092,3681297
Bureau County, IL170112,3651298
Jasper County, IN180732,3641299
Silver Bow County, MT300932,3631300
Monroe County, MS280952,3621301
Greene County, IN180552,3581302
Marion County, AL010932,3551303
Powhatan County, VA511452,3531304
Louisa County, VA511092,3511305
McKean County, PA420832,3501306
Webster County, IA191872,3481307
Cassia County, ID160312,3451308
Franklin County, IL170552,3451308
Bennington County, VT500032,3431310
King George County, VA510992,3431310
Hill County, TX482172,3421312
Baxter County, AR050052,3421312
Glenn County, CA060212,3341314
Elmore County, ID160392,3131315
Hardin County, OH390652,3111316
Hendry County, FL120512,2981317
Putnam County, IN181332,2931318
Fannin County, TX481472,2931318
Matagorda County, TX483212,2921320
Greenbrier County, WV540252,2891321
Clark County, KY210492,2841322
Fremont County, CO080432,2821323
Codington County, SD460292,2811324
Lyon County, KS201112,2771325
Montgomery County, KS201252,2681326
Mecosta County, MI261072,2681326
Trempealeau, WI551212,2641328
Knox County, ME230132,2571329
Lincoln County, MS280852,2551330
Barry County, MO290092,2541331
Okmulgee County, OK401112,2521332
White County, GA133112,2501333
Richmond County, NC371532,2471334
Washington County, TX484772,2421335
Essex County, NY360312,2411336
Weakley County, TN471832,2411336
Duchesne County, UT490132,2401338
Okeechobee County, FL120932,2341339
Lincoln County, TN471032,2331340
Wabash County, IN181692,2321341
Lee County, IA191112,2321341
Tallapoosa County, AL011232,2311343
Wells County, IN181792,2301344
Edgecombe County, NC370652,2251345
Ohio County, WV540692,2251345
Houghton County, MI260612,2241347
Garrett County, MD240232,2221348
Jerome County, ID160532,2211349
Calaveras County, CA060092,2181350
Polk County, MO291672,2171351
Greene County, PA420592,2141352
Pickens County, GA132272,2061353
Wood County, TX484992,2001354
Macon County, NC371132,1981355
Talbot County, MD240412,1961356
Colleton County, SC450292,1881357
Smyth County, VA511732,1871358
Emmet County, MI260472,1861359
Boone County, IA190152,1841360
Jefferson County, IN180772,1781361
Wexford County, MI261652,1721362
Lee County, IL171032,1701363
Morgan County, IL171372,1701363
Lyon County, MN270832,1661365
Jackson County, OH390792,1601366
Iroquois County, IL170752,1561367
Jefferson Davis Parish, LA220532,1561367
Camden County, MO290292,1561367
McCurtain County, OK400892,1561367
Ottawa County, OK401152,1561367
Ware County, GA132992,1541372
Stoddard County, MO292072,1531373
Christian County, IL170212,1491374
Plymouth County, IA191492,1471375
DeSoto County, FL120272,1381376
Wakulla County, FL121292,1351377
Marshall County, TN471172,1351377
Van Wert County, OH391612,1341379
Fulton County, IL170572,1331380
Johnson County, AR050712,1331380
Woodford County, KY212392,1321382
Franklin County, IN180472,1311383
Currituck County, NC370532,1291384
Perry County, KY211932,1251385
Jones County, GA131692,1211386
Logan County, IL171072,1211386
Obion County, TN471312,1161388
Preston County, WV540772,1151389
Evangeline Parish, LA220392,1001390
Halifax County, NC370832,0991391
Lewis County, NY360492,0971392
Pontotoc County, MS281152,0951393
Carroll County, OH390192,0911394
Gallia County, OH390532,0901395
Grayson County, KY210852,0771396
Chippewa County, MI260332,0751397
Elk County, PA420472,0721398
Toombs County, GA132792,0711399
Bremer County, IA190172,0711399
Amador County, CA060052,0711399
Routt County, CO081072,0691402
Baker County, FL120032,0671403
Henry County, TN470792,0671403
Haralson County, GA131432,0641405
Wayne County, GA133052,0641405
Bladen County, NC370172,0641405
Mississippi County, AR050932,0621408
Sevier County, UT490412,0591409
Fluvanna County, VA510652,0591409
Door, WI550292,0591409
Knox County, KY211212,0451412
Kleberg County, TX482732,0401413
Mingo County, WV540592,0391414
Seneca County, NY360992,0381415
Washington County, IN181752,0291416
Person County, NC371452,0281417
Oneida, WI550852,0281417
Washington Parish, LA221172,0251419
Levy County, FL120752,0241420
Mason County, WV540532,0161421
Pulaski County, VA511552,0151422
Jackson County, NC370992,0071423
Uinta County, WY560412,0051424
Henry County, OH390692,0021425
Huron County, MI260632,0011426
Garvin County, OK400492,0011426
Nye County, NV320231,9961428
Henderson County, TN470771,9951429
Marion County, MO291271,9941430
Marion County, TN471151,9931431
Halifax County, VA510831,9831432
Delta County, CO080291,9821433
Iowa, WI550491,9801434
Claiborne County, TN470251,9791435
Montgomery County, KY211731,9741436
Marshall County, WV540511,9721437
Franklin County, KS200591,9691438
Orange County, VT500171,9671439
Adams County, OH390011,9651440
Gadsden County, FL120391,9631441
Elbert County, CO080391,9611442
Giles County, TN470551,9541443
Brown County, MN270151,9521444
Hocking County, OH390731,9501445
Fairfax Independent City, VA516001,9501445
Posey County, IN181291,9461447
Sumter County, FL121191,9441448
Freeborn County, MN270471,9401449
Decatur County, IN180311,9391450
Carroll County, TN470171,9371451
Payette County, ID160751,9351452
Washington County, NE311771,9331453
Plaquemines Parish, LA220751,9311454
Fayette County, OH390471,9291455
Dakota County, NE310431,9191456
Rhea County, TN471431,9161457
Lincoln County, ME230151,9151458
Caroline County, VA510331,9151458
Boyle County, KY210211,9141460
Jasper County, TX482411,9131461
Dawson County, NE310471,9121462
Union County, MS281451,9111463
Sumner County, KS201911,9101464
Baldwin County, GA130091,9041465
Anderson County, KY210051,9041465
Scott County, IN181431,8981467
Pike County, MS281131,8981467
Gaines County, TX481651,8961469
Lincoln, WI550691,8951470
Fayette County, TX481491,8901471
White County, IN181811,8881472
Dunklin County, MO290691,8881472
Cass County, TX480671,8881472
Harlan County, KY210951,8871475
Muhlenberg County, KY211771,8851476
Macon County, TN471111,8851476
Lincoln County, KY211371,8831478
Lincoln County, OR410411,8811479
Madison County, GA131951,8791480
Franklin County, AL010591,8761481
Jackson County, OK400651,8721482
Todd County, MN271531,8711483
Wasco County, OR410651,8691484
Vance County, NC371811,8621485
Hot Spring County, AR050591,8591486
Carter County, KY210431,8551487
Stephens County, GA132571,8541488
Dodge County, MN270391,8531489
Juniata County, PA420671,8531489
Winchester Independent City, VA518401,8481491
Wythe County, VA511971,8461492
Cherokee County, AL010191,8451493
Randolph County, IL171571,8431494
Buchanan County, IA190191,8421495
Washington County, IA191831,8421495
Saunders County, NE311551,8421495
Caledonia County, VT500051,8411498
Moore County, TX483411,8401499
Mille Lacs County, MN270951,8391500
Hockley County, TX482191,8381501
Itawamba County, MS280571,8371502
Shelby County, TX