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Unlocking Rural Competitiveness: The Role of Regional Clusters

Published in January 2007, this report addresses competitiveness and innovation in rural America, analyzing rural industry clusters and their critical links to metropolitan regions. The study provides strong analytics and data combined with a case study approach that has yielded significant insights into future rural economic development.

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1. Introduction
  • 1.1.     Project Background, Purpose and Goals
  • 1.2.     Organizing to Accomplish this Project
  • 1.3.     Organization of this Report
  • 1.4.     References
2. Overview of Cluster Concepts and the Two-Project Framework
  • 2.1.     Key Concepts in Studying Clusters: Geographic and Operational Definitions.
  • 2.2.     Overview of the Two-Project Framework
  • 2.3.     References
3. Project 1: Analysis of Data for All U.S. Counties
  • 3.1.     The Nationwide Analysis
  • 3.2.     Defining the Key Constructs
  • 3.3.     Profile of U.S. Counties
  • 3.4.     Spatial Patterns of Industry Clusters across U.S. Counties
  • 3.5.     The Triangle of Industry Mix, Rurality, and Economic Performance
  • 3.6.     Economic Growth Trajectories
  • 3.7.     Summary and Conclusions
  • 3.8.     References
4. Project 2: Applying Cluster Insights in a Rural Region
  • 4.1.     Introduction: Indiana’s Economic Growth Region 8
  • 4.2.     EGR 8 Cluster Analysis
  • 4.3.     The Planning Process
  • 4.4.     Next Steps
  • 4.5.     References
5. Summary, Conclusions, and Lessons Learned
  • 5.1.     General Background
  • 5.2.     National Analysis and Database (Project 1)
  • 5.3.     Application in Indiana’s Economic Growth Region 8 (Project 2)
  • 5.4.     Lessons Learned and Future Directions
Appendix I: Cluster Taxonomy
  • Detailed Cluster Definitions
  • Aggregated Cluster Definitions
Appendix II: EGR 8 Materials
  • Letter to Local Elected Officials from Governor Daniels
  • Map of EGR 8 with Interstate Highways and Proposed Extension of I-69
  • Media Release
  • List of Mayors in EGR 8
  • Fax to EGR 8 Mayors
  • Draft Summary of Local Economic Development Plans from EGR 8
  • Analysis of Local Economic Development Plans from EGR 8
  • RAC Meeting Agendas
  • Focus Group Questions
  • Inventory of Regional Assets
  • List of NSWC Crane Assets
  • List of Regional Advisory Committee Members
Appendix III: EGR 8 Survey Materials
  • E-mail Message Sent to 602 Businesses in EGR 8 Inviting Participation in Survey
  • Cover Letter Mailed to Selected Regional Stakeholders Inviting Survey Participation
  • Cover Letter Mailed to a Second List of 150 Organizations in EGR 8 Inviting Survey Participation
  • Mailed Version of the Survey on the Business Climate in EGR 8
  • Survey Responses to Open-Ended Questions

Appendix IV: Cost-of-Living Differences between Rural and Urban Areas in Indiana— Examining the Real Prosperity of Rural Regions

Appendix V: List of Contributors and Supporters

Appendix VI: Guide to the U.S. Database

Appendix VII: U.S. and EGR 8 Maps