Data and analysis tools to support regional competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy. An EDA project.

A Guide for Practitioners

View the practitioner's guide for an overview of the tools developed in this study and ideas on how to use them in your region.

Brochure of Highlights

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Innovation Index

index graphic The Index helps you understand your region's innovation performance and potential

Cluster Analysis

Explore 15 knowledge-based occupation clusters and 17 industry clusters to uncover regional strengths

Investment Analysis

Understand the regional development process and access tools to help guide public investment decisions

Crossing the Next Regional Frontier:
coverInformation and Analytics Linking Regional Competitiveness to Investment in a Knowledge-Based Economy

Published in October 2009, this report developed practical tools and frameworks to help guide economic development strategy and decision making for regions throughout the United States—especially rural regions where strategic support is often lacking.

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1. Introduction
  • 1.1.     Project Background, Purpose and Goals
  • 1.2.     The Research Partnership
  • 1.3.     Organization of this Report
  • 1.4.     References
2. The Emerging Importance of Regional Strategy
  • 2.1.     The Who: A Regional Partnership
  • 2.2.     The What: Strategic Outcomes
  • 2.3.     The How: Strategic Process
  • 2.4.     References
3. Occupation Clusters
  • 3.1.     Introduction and Background
  • 3.2.     Key Constructs
  • 3.3.     Literature Review
  • 3.4.     Data Sets and Methodology
  • 3.5.     Analysis of Indiana Pilot Regions
  • 3.6.     Major Findings and Achievements Concerning Occupation Clusters
  • 3.7.    References
4. The Innovation Index
  • 4.1.     What Is Innovation and Why Index It?
  • 4.2.     Portfolio Innovation Index
  • 4.3.     Empirically Based Innovation Index
  • 4.4.     Conclusion
  • 4.5.     References
  • 4.6.     Data Sources

5. Investing for Competitive Regions: New Tools for the 21st Century

  • 5.1.     Investing in Competitive Regions
  • 5.2.     Three Critical Phases of the Investment Process
  • 5.3.     References
6. Principles for Regional Governance in Economic Development
  • 6.1.     Introduction
  • 6.2.     The Concept of Regional Governance
  • 6.3.     The State of Governance in Four Regions
  • 6.4.     Developing Principles for Regional Governance
  • 6.5.     Government, Governance, and the Responsibility of Elected Officials
  • 6.6.     Conclusion
  • 6.7.    References
7. Conclusions, Lessons Learned and Future Directions
  • 7.1.     General Background
  • 7.2.     Regional Strategy Process
  • 7.3.     Occupation Clusters
  • 7.4.     Innovation Index
  • 7.5.     Investment Framework
  • 7.6.     Regional Governance
  • 7.7.    Future Research and Application

Appendix A: List of Contributors

Appendix B: Regional Profiles

Appendix C: Innovation Index Definitions, Calculations and Models

Appendix D: National Occupation Cluster Technical Report

Appendix E: Knowledge Variables and Descriptions

Appendix F: The EMSI “Complete Employment” Data Set

Appendix G: Technical Description of the Clustering Process

Appendix H: Occupation Cluster Definitions