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Innovation Index

index graphic The Index helps you understand your region's innovation performance and potential

Cluster Analysis

Explore 15 knowledge-based occupation clusters and 17 industry clusters to uncover regional strengths

Investment Analysis

Understand the regional development process and access tools to help guide public investment decisions

Calculating the Innovation Index

The Innovation Index compares regional performance to the United States and is calculated from 4 component indexes. The weight for each variable is listed below. (An additional "State Context" category is displayed as part of the data output, but it is for reference only and not included in the calculation of the overall index.)

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Human Capital: 30%

human capital weights

Economic Dynamics: 30%

economic dynamics weights

Productivity and Employment: 30%


productivity weights

Economic Well-Being: 10%


economic well-being weights

Where Do the Data Come From?

Variables in the Innovation Index are derived from both official government statistical agencies and several private, proprietary sources, including Moody’s, Decision Data Resources, Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. and VentureDeal. These proprietary data were used in specific index calculations and are reflected on the website only in terms of those resulting calculations and are not available in their original (raw) form, but we encourage you to contact the sources of those data for more information.

Proprietary Sources Public Sources
Venture Deal

Federal Communications Commission

National Science Foundation

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

U.S. Census Bureau

Time Period

The Innovation Index uses the latest year of available data at the time of index construction. However, the most recent data for individual index variables are available via the data browser except in cases where the data are proprietary.

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