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Innovation Index

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Cluster Analysis

Explore 15 knowledge-based occupation clusters and 17 industry clusters to uncover regional strengths

Investment Analysis

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Industry Cluster Definitions

The research team defined 17 clusters that could be usefully applied to analyzing a primarily rural region in Indiana, and that could also be applied to the entire United States, using county-level data as a base, and emphasizing rural areas. One of these clusters, the manufacturing supercluster, was subsequently disaggregated into six more-specialized sub-clusters. (The term supercluster was given to the manufacturing cluster in order to highlight the fact that it is broken into subclusters.)

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The 17 Clusters and Six Subclusters

  1. Advanced Materials
  2. Agribusiness, Food Processing and Technology
  3. Apparel and Textiles
  4. Arts, Entertainment, Recreation and Visitor Industries
  5. Biomedical/Biotechnical (Life Sciences)
  6. Business and Financial Services
  7. Chemicals and Chemical-Based Products
  8. Defense and Security
  9. Education and Knowledge Creation
  10. Energy (Fossil and Renewable)
  11. Forest and Wood Products
  12. Glass and Ceramics
  13. Information Technology and Telecommunications
  14. Transportation and Logistics
  15. Manufacturing Supercluster
    1. Primary Metals
    2. Fabricated Metal Products
    3. Machinery
    4. Computer and Electronic Products
    5. Electrical Equipment, Appliance and Components
    6. Transportation Equipment
  16. Mining
  17. Printing and Publishing