Data and analysis tools to support regional competitiveness in a knowledge-based economy. An EDA project.

Empowering regional leaders

This site makes the latest research on innovation and rural development available to economic developers and other local decision makers in an easy-to-use format. Data may be used in both rural and urban regions.


Innovation Index

The Innovation Index provides insight into the innovation capacity of a region relative to the nation and 2 user-selected comparison areas.

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index graphicInnovation Index Mapping Tool

A new version 2.0 that reflects the latest in innovation research will be available by the end of the year. Learn more »

Cluster Analysis

This tool allows for analysis of 15 knowledge-based occupation clusters and 17 industry clusters

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View occupation patterns by industry cluster
View occupation and industry clusters side-by-side

Investment Analysis

Understand the regional development process and access tools to help guide public investment decisions

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Data Browser

Looking for even more data? View and download individual data items concerning education, employment, income, and population for any state, metro, micro, district or county in the nation.

Assets Toolkit

The EDA Regional Innovation Assets Toolkit is an application produced by the University of West Virginia, George Mason University, and Florida International University.


Looking for an overview of the tools and ideas on how to use them in your region?